Can Dogs Eat Black Olives?

My name’s Ezekiel. I’m a Bichon Frise. I’m a small doggo with a wolfy’s appetite, and I like to eat EVERYTHING.

I know I shouldn’t, but if something’s there, I just can’t help myself. This habit of mine has made me ill a few times, but I just never seem to learn my lesson.

One of the tastiest morsels I ever managed to snaffle from my human’s plate was a black olive, and it was scrumptious.

As soon as I gobbled it down, I knew I needed another, so I dived in for more, but my human came back and stopped me…most disappointing.

First, they were angry that I’d munched their dinner, and then they were worried that I might get ill again, but I didn’t! In fact, I felt fantastic, although I’d be lying if I woofed that I wasn’t a bit disgruntled that my human walked in and stopped me from gobbling up another tasty olive.

My human did some research on their phone and it turns out that olives aren’t toxic for doggos whatsoever. They actually contain lots of good stuff, but because I already had a balanced diet, I didn’t need them, I just wanted them. 

Can Dogs Eat Green Olives?

My human says there are absolutely no differences to the good stuff inside black and green olives, so we canines can munch on them too, and as long as we don’t get greedy and gobble them all, we won’t get sick, but that’s not to woof that all olives are doggo-friendly.

The ones that come in tins or glass jars are preserved in olive brine, which is full of nasty salt. We won’t get sick if we have just a taste, but too much can give us an upset tum and affect our diet.

Martini’s may be classy for you humans, but we dogs are classy enough by nature, so resist the urge to give us any of your boozy olives. Even if it looks like the liquid has dripped away or dried up, some of the toxins will have snuck in and ruined a perfectly chompable olive. What a dang waste, am I right?

Humans don’t know when to stop. Sometimes you’ll take a nice juicy olive and cover it in herbs and spices, so only you can enjoy it. Selfish, you are, but we love you anyway.

You should also be careful never to treat your pup to olives with the rocks in the middle as it could break our teeth, get caught in our throat, or hurt our belly if we do manage to swallow it. If you’re unsure whether an olive is pup-friendly, check the packaging or just fetch us a doggy treat.

Can Dogs Eat Olives with Pimentos?

I know what they are. They’re those little red bits I sometimes find in the middle of my olive snack aren’t they? Yes, I thought as much.

I can eat them, so feel free to roll some my way, but my human always has to try them first because some pimentos are much, much spicier than others, and doggos and spicy snacks don’t mix well, no sir!

Spicy foods can have lots of nasty things in them that I’m not allowed. One of the times I did get ill from snaffling food from my human when they weren’t looking was very spicy.

It gave me the toots real bad, but that wasn’t all. My fluffy belly started to hurt and my poop splashed rather than plopped. I was thirstier than I’d ever been and I drank so much water that I threw it back up all inside my human right shoe.

Other things that you humans put inside olives aren’t such a good idea. My human loves garlic stuffed olives with lots of hummus, but garlic is poisonous for dogs.

You shouldn’t offer an olive to your pooch if it has cheese in either, no matter how much we beg for it. Cheese is too fatty for dogs. If your fluffy family member has been a very good pooch, you could try stuffing olives with dog treats. 

Is Olive Oil Good for Dogs?

I understand how you humans milk cows, but how you humans milk olives will always be a mystery to me. Even so, a little drizzle in our dinner every now and again is a great idea and a nice way to show your pooch that you care.

Not only is it non-toxic, it’s really good for helping us maintain a thick, smooth, shiny coat and healthy skin. Look at me. Do you see how cute I am? How strokable my noggin’ is, and rubbable my belly is.

I look like a silvery summer cloud drifting on by. This doesn’t happen by accident. Just like humans need to take care of your hair, our fluff needs love too, and olive oil is a tasty way to help us get it.

Olive oil is full of healthy fatty acids that keep me looking like a million biscuits. Don’t try to put it on our fuff like your shampoo, though, we’ll only lick it off. Find your smallest spoon and pour one spoon’s worth into our food. Extra virgin olive oil is our favorite.

As well as keeping my brain nice and active, olive oil can also help my body stay trim, which is great for greedy guts such as myself, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to fit through the door for walkies.

It can stimulate my belly and help me do good poops, but if I have runny poops already, it’s best to save it until I’m better.


Woofing all this stuff about olives has given me hankering, so I’m off to try and convince my human to buy me some. You can take it from here.

A standard doggy treat is always best, but you can treat your pooch to a scrumptious olive every now and again and perhaps some olive oil too.

They’ll be turning heads with their gorgeous locks in no time. Say bonjour to your dog for me.