Can Dogs Drink Apple Juice?

Nice to meet you, I am Hazel. I’m a Labradoodle. As a happy, joyful and fun-loving dog, I won’t guard your front door, but I will try to eat and drink everything in the house.

That is why I am here today to tell you what you should and shouldn’t let your dog drink. I want to focus on apple juice today, between you and me, I had a run in with it the other day and while its delicious, I should give you a few tips on why you probably shouldn’t give it to your dog.

So, can we drink it?

It won’t kill us to drink it, but you humans add a lot of weird stuff to your juices. We can eat apples, and we sure do love them but apple juice, ruff.

You humans don’t half like to add sugar to everything, that’s what does it for us. So many of the apple juices you buy have added sugars, which are not good for us and as delicious as it is, it has a high possibility of giving us diarrhea. That won’t be fun for you, or for us.

If you want to share your fruit bowl with us, go ahead, we will take an apple. The texture of apples keeps our teeth clean and our breath fresh.

But apple juice, as delicious as it is its best to stay away from it, unless you’re blending an apple and making it fresh yourself. If that’s the case your canine companion is sure to take a bowl, and so will I!

What juices can dogs drink?

If you own a dog like me, you will know that we will eat or drink pretty much whatever you put in front of us, so it is important that you give us things that are harmless and good for us.

We can drink juice, but only give us a little and not too often. It is not a necessary part of our diet. As is the case with apple juice, all juices contain added sugars, at least most of them do, and this can give us an upset stomach.

We are better off eating the fruit itself as the fruit lacks these added sugars that upset our bellies, apples are a good source of beneficial nutrients, but remember it is more of a treat than anything.

Us dogs are not made for fruit, so if you do want to treat us to an apple or two, we don’t turn our noses up at it, but it is not necessary.

All we need to drink to stay healthy is clean and filtered water.

If you want to give us juice though, you can let us lick the plate you cut up an orange or apple on, we will like it, say thank you and then go back to trying to catch our tails, I will get it one day!

But, don’t go giving us the juice you buy from the store, and definitely don’t pour it into our bowl. Avoid grape juice at all costs, we don’t like it, and it won’t do us any good at all.

What can a dog drink instead of water?

Some of us are a bit fussy when it comes to drinking and eating. Not me, I will eat and drink anything you put in front of me. But, I do know a few dogs from down the park who will turn their noses at tap water.

If your dog is like those dogs, and not as carefree and food frantic as I am, then you can try some other tasty treats and techniques to keep them hydrated.

We love an ice cube, it’s cool, refreshing and fresh. If you are a creative human then you can take your chances at trying to make a doggy smoothie, we love them. We are sure that with this thing ‘the internet’ you can find so many recipes they will love! If you’re making a few, I will have one too!

You could make an ice pop, we love watermelon, and its 80% water anyway, so this is a definite treat all dogs will love! It is especially good in the summer, remember, if you are hot, we are too, we can’t take our coats off and so giving us an ice pop will help cool us down, and it’ll taste delicious.

We can drink milk, but most of us are lactose intolerant. It can make us quite sick, and we will get a bad belly. Every dog will have a different reaction to it, but it’s best to avoid it altogether.

Can I flavor my dogs water?

Your pup may be against drinking plain water, it can get a bit boring after a while.

You can flavor the water with a bone broth. My owner does this for me, and it is the best thing in the world, aside from belly rubs and going for a walk. Its so tasty and it is refreshing as well. If your dog doesn’t want to drink their water, add a bit of bone broth they will agree with me.

If this doesn’t work, you want to make sure you keep their water bowl clean and provide fresh water every day, who likes warm day-old water?

You can add a drop of tuna juice, or add beef or chicken broth to give it a more inviting taste.

Don’t be afraid to use canned foods as well, these tend to have a high water content and while it may not look great to you, it can do wonders for our health.

Try out different waters as well, tap water is the obvious go to, but you can also try filtered water, bottled water and distilled water.

We get thirsty too and need plenty of hydration, some of us are just a bit more fussy about what we drink. We don’t have as many options as you, so it can be nice for things to be changed up every now and again.

Go and give your dog a bit of freshly made apple juice, some bone broth in their water and watch the joy spring upon you, much like I’m off to spring on that squirrel again. Bye human!