Bulldog is Completely Relaxed Swinging in Baby Swing at the Park

So you humans might think that we dogs just want to run and jump and dig. And while that may be true, we can enjoy a good park just like any human can! Some of my fellow doggos like slides, and others like jungle gyms. Me, personally? I LOVE swings!

They’re just so fun! I mean, it’s a seat that you move! What’s cooler than that? So whenever my humans take me out for a walk, I try to convince them to come to the local park. And I’m always so HAPPY when they do!

Swings are kind of like riding in a car, but even better! Because you can feel the wind, and you don’t have to worry about anyone else. Riding in a car can actually get pretty boring if we aren’t going anywhere cool. Yeah, swings have car seats beaten by a landslide.

It Can be Hard to Swing When You’re a Dog

I’ll be honest: swinging as a dog is NOT easy. You humans have long legs and the perfect shape for these things. As much as I love swinging, it can be hard to stay put if it’s one of those open-seat ones, and you always need a human’s help! I’m a big fan of those swings they make for human pups, with the extra walls. Help keeps doggos like me in place!

Now the other downside? My legs aren’t long enough! Humans use their legs to get moving on swings, but what’s a dog to do, when we can’t reach the ground? Nothing but accept some help! So we doggies can’t exactly come to the park alone, or we’d be totally out of luck!

Stopping can be a struggle, too. Since I can’t reach the ground to get started, I definitely can’t reach the ground to stop, either! I either need someone to help, or I need to wait fureverrrr for the swing to stop on it’s own. Talk about annoying!

But the tradeoff is that I get to swing for as long as I want! My humans will just wait patiently until I’m sleepy enough to be ready to go home. Then they take me right out!

I’m Falling Asleep On the Swing

And as soon as I start getting sleepy, they know it’s time to go. They stop the swing, pull me out, and figure out what we’re gonna have for dinner. It’s always nice to work up an appetite before dinner, so I end up clearing my bowl when I go to eat! It always just ends up being an extra fun day.

I can’t wait to go back to the park again!