Buddy the Beagle Plays the Piano and Sings His Unique Song

Hi, I’m Buddy and I love to sing the blues! My neighbors get upset sometimes, but I think they’re just jealous (their dog can’t sing like me).

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A few days ago I was running around, just doing doggy things like chasing cats, scaring squirrels, and pooping in the neighbor’s peonies (I call it natural fertilization. She calls it a criminal offense. One time she even tried to have me thrown in doggy jail, but that’s a story for another time).

As I chased the squirrel up a tree, I noticed there was a cat stuck in it as well! Now, we dogs have a bad reputation for being mean to these critters, but the truth is we just want to play.

I sat at the bottom of the tree and howled and howled. That squirrel was in danger! My dad explained to me that it was because the squirrel’s bushy tail makes it even more entertaining for cats to prey on.

I wasn’t too worried about the cat, since they can usually land on their feet if they fall. But they both still needed help to get down (and I was there to rescue them).

No matter how much I howled they wouldn’t listen! I sat there for what seemed like hours but I couldn’t negotiate with them.

Instead, I wrote a song called “Squirrel Cat Tree Blues” while I waited for them to come to their senses. I realized I had just written a masterpiece so I wanted to try it out for the audience that was sitting above me.

The squirrel began to chirp at me, so I think that means he liked it. However, the cat hissed and screamed. Tough crowd…

My dad called me back inside and I wanted to show him the song too! I hopped up on the piano and started to sing Squirrel Cat Tree Blues. He loved it! He even took his phone out to record me (he’s been trying to get me famous online for my amazing voice).

Of course, I had to request payment for my hard work. An extra treat is the least my dad could give me for such an incredible performance!

He was so impressed that he gave me three treats instead of one. Rumor has it, my new tune has gone viral. I’m really hoping people will book me for their parties! Who needs a two-legger singing at their event when you could get a beagle like me?

Been a few days since I seen the sun, so I went outside and I started to run…

Chasin the cats and the squirrelys was fun, til the squirrely ran off and I started to hum…

I got the Squirrel Cat Tree Blues, ohhhh I got the Squirrel Cat Tree Blues… 

Just tryin to help, just doing my part, to warn the squirrely of the kitty that was in those parts…

He couldn’t see what was up that tree but a kitty was a waitin for a squirrely like he

I got the Squirrel Cat Tree Blues, ohhhh I got the Squirrel Cat Tree Blues… 

The kitty was a hissin and the squirrely was scared, so I sat at the bottom just to show I cared. 

My daddy called out that dinner was soon, so I left the squirrely in the tree and I started to croon

I got the Squirrel Cat Tree Blues, ohhhhh I got the Squirrel Cat Tree Blues… 

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