I’ll be back….The Furminator and treats for the teeth!

Good day, mates! Ralph here, freshly bathed and posting about my life in this little corner of the world. I have the kind of hair that gets really light and downy and starts to float away after a bath. This results in many puppy hair tumbleweeds that my mom chases after with the vacuum. Brushing me right afterwards helps with this problem a little bit. Mom and Dad use the Furminator. Now normally this is a task done on the front porch, where the hair floats away and is hopefully picked up by the birds to make nests, but today it is rainy and overcast so the brushing took place in our house. As you can see I thoroughly enjoy this part of the process!

See that dark blue button on top of the Furminator? That’s for releasing the hair so we can give it to my bird friends (not the crows, the other ones).

Guys, this thing really gets at the hair– mostly the light downy stuff that typically sheds out. If my parents were better about brushing me every day my Mom could practically stop vacuuming! Well maybe not- my two little ones make quite the mess.

Giving Mom a little smooch to say “thank you” for brushing me. I am such an affectionate pup.

All set and ready for my closeup….wait a minute, is that a treat bag I’m seeing? Oh happy day!

Yummy yummy yummy, get into my tummy.

These are so good! Please excuse me while I devour it….nom nom nom….yummy nom. Mom is showing you what the bag looks like.

These are called Brushless ToothPaste and they do a pretty good job of keeping my teeth clean and I really enjoy gnawing on them.

Uh, okay well then, I’m done with that and think I’ll leave for a snooze.