Brave Man Rescues Dog From Icy River

Oh my woofness, I am going to freeze to death.

I just can’t help but chase these birds! This isn’t the first time they’ve gotten me into trouble, but it might have been the scariest…

I was out on thin ice when I fell into the water. That’s me in this image where the red arrow is. Just daydreamin’ of better days while I froze my tail off! Finally, my human noticed I was missing.

They saw me out there struggling, but humans do not have any fur, so the man human had to put on extra skin to be able to get into the water to save me. I was hopeful that he’d be better at getting out of here than me!

My friends all watched from the safety of the land, supporting me from afar, barking and yelping to cheer the humans on. It seemed like it was taking forever. All I wanted was a towel fresh out of the dryer and some real human food – I deserve it after all this!

I tried my best to smell the human and could barely get a whiff of him through the extra skin he was wearing. I took a deep breath just as I slipped on the ice and went down into the water. I lost all sensation in my legs. I felt woozy and like I was falling asleep. I knew if I went to sleep, it would be all over. As my pal Dory once said, I knew I had to just keep swimming!

I heard the man thrashing in the water too. He was getting closer, so that gave me encouragement. I thought, “Perhaps I will be saved after all.” There was not much I could do except hold on, try to keep breathing while waiting for that human to get to me. Finally, he pushed the floating board to me. I was too weak to get up by myself, so he came around to help me get up on the board.

Thank goodness he had another human who held on to a rope so that we both could be pulled back. When I got back to land, I was very shaken and so grateful that my human cared so much to risk his life to save me. We spent the rest of the day cuddling together in front of a warm fire with a warm blanket.