Brave Little Dogs Scare Away Much Larger Bear in Their Yard

My brother and I love running around the yard. There are so many bushes to hide in, cats to chase, and squirrels to scare! My mom likes it because she says we get in her hair too much (I don’t know what she means by that, I’ve never been in that woman’s hair in my life!)

Anyway, our day of play started out like any other. Running, being cute, doing dog stuff. Until this large creature showed up! We definitely didn’t give him an invite, so I’m not sure who he thinks he is.

Is this a dog? No, I don’t think so…

I’m off to investigate. There are no intruders allowed in my yard! It seems that little brother has decided he has better things to do than to protect our land.

This is why I’m mom’s favorite pup.

I was sniffing around trying to decide what this creature was and it growled at me! I’m really starting to dislike this guy even more than I did five seconds ago.

I was going to play nice and ask this guy to please exit my lawn in an orderly fashion, but once he growled at me it was over!

That growl was the loudest thing I’ve ever heard from another animal, it just about shook my whole body!

I’m going to need a backup for this, so my little brother needs to buck up and come help me out. We have a mom to protect, after all.

I am initiating… super pup mode!

Alright, little brother is here to relieve me of my duties and mom has informed me that this creature is called a “bear”, whatever that means. All I see is an oversized dog with an attitude problem.

While he handles the bear, I’m going to try and bug mom for some treats for both of us.

I mean, why wouldn’t she give us treats? We are literally saving her life right now.

Looks like this silly creature scared off my favorite squirrel too… Now it’s personal!

That was rough. I thought that bear was going to eat us both! I think my mom is pretty impressed, she’s been taking a video of the whole thing (probably to show her friends how cool her favorite pups are).

My brother is still over at the fence standing guard to make sure that the stinky bear doesn’t come back because I think he may be after our treats.

Although, little brother doesn’t think it’s the treats he’s after. He thinks the bear is after our mom’s head pets (and those are sacred).

All in all, it’s been a good day of saving mom from the bears and being the best dogs in town.

Time for a nap!