Boston Terrier Cleans Up The City With His Own Trash Cart

The environment is kind of like a dog: it’s warm and helps you call a place home. But also like dogs, it needs to be taken care of! Nowadays, lots of humans and doggos are teaming up to help keep the earth clean. It’s hard work, but it’s great knowing that we’re contributing to a healthier, safer home! Plus, I don’t have to worry about stepping on things when I’m out for a walk with my human!

It’s always busy, on days that I’m helping my human clean up. There’s a looooot of preparation that goes into it. We need to pack lunches and get our reusable bottles of water, and know where all the benches are so we can take breaks! Sometimes we help people set up solar batteries, sometimes we teach people how they can reduce their carbon footprint, but most today is trash pickup. Very important stuff, especially since no one wants to do it!

It’s a simple plan, but a very important plan. You see, picking up the trash isn’t only good for the environment, but it’s also healthier for humans and their furry friends. Plus, let’s face it, trash is ugly to look at, so it’s gotta go. It belongs right in my trolley bin, and I’m here to make sure it stays off the streets.

It’s Time to Take the Trash Out

It’s really going to be a busy day because I see trash everywhere when we get to the city! I know a lot of people live here, but we have trash cans to help with this! Ugh, every time there are plastic bottles, empty cartons, paper cups, and all sorts of waste just lying around. Well, no matter. Me and my owner are here to make the world a better and clean place for everyone again. Hopefully we inpsire other people to do the same!

See, I don’t have hands or fingers, so the trick is to pick up trash with my mouth. I know, I know, it probably sounds gross to you, but dog mouths are great at keeping clean, and my human always gives me a cleaning stick to chew on afterwards. So it’s perfectly safe for me! I also try to go for recyclable stuff first, like water bottles and cups and boxes. Much cleaner than icky leftovers left in styrofoam!

I also have a bin that I move around to help throw away the trash. This means that I don’t have to run all over the place to throw things away. I can just move this as needed! So much easier.

It’s honestly really fun using this bin. It moves like a shopping cart! I can get up on my hind legs and push it wherever I need it to be. Super cool, right? My human reworked an old toy that belonged to his human pup to make this. And let me tell you, it gets lots of attention from people! I guess they’ve never seen a doggo so passionate about the environment, huh?

As cool as it is, I don’t pay them a lot of attention. I’m here to do a job, and I know if I keep this up, I could end up moving more slowly!

Making the Environment a Better Place

Every time I finish picking up trash everywhere, I’m happy to see there’s already a big difference. I’m proud of myself whenever I pick up trash on high-traffic areas like the sidewalk, near the fountain, and at the plaza. Every time I make sure I leave nothing behind – every little scrap of trash belongs in the bin. I whizz back and forth on the sidewalk, hunting for junk. The environment looks so much better without garbage, don’t you think? Let’s hope it stays that way. Maybe next time, more humans will join me for another clean-up. Wanna join?