Best Dog Harness for Hiking

Hi! So…you’re looking for a dog harness that can be used when hiking? That’s great news!

I love hiking, and I know that most of my fellow dogs love it too!

We require a lot of physical activity in order to put our huge energy into good use, and hiking is a great way of exploring the outdoors with our favorite humans!

Usually humans like using a normal collar on us when we go on walks, but harnesses can be a lot better for us.

And when hiking, we will likely be pulling you behind us when going uphill, so a collar would very easily choke and hurt us.

A harness, on the other hand, is a lot more comfortable for us to wear, and doesn’t hurt us at all!

A harness also helps our humans control us better because sometimes we can get very excited and we try to run off ahead!

You can’t blame us though, hiking in new places is such a fun adventure, there’s so much to see and sniff!

But anyway, who better to choose the top best harnesses for hiking, than a dog like me? Let’s take a look at all of my favorites!

Best Dog Harness for Hiking

1. Juxzh TrueLove Soft Front Dog Harness

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This is my number one favorite harness of all time!

It also comes in lots of different colors, and I’m a very fashionable and beautiful dog, so I like having the options. (I especially like chewing the brighter colors, although I’m told not to chew on them at all).

This harness comes in many different sizes, so it’s perfect for all dogs, no matter how big or small they have. The harness is also adjustable so that you can better fit it for your dog.

It’s important for us to wear the harness just right so that it’s not too tight on us, but also not too loose so that we accidentally jump right out of it!

It’s made from highly durable and scratch-resistant Oxford material, so it’s sure to last a long time, no matter how many adventures we go through!

It’s also very lightweight with soft sponge padding in both the chest and the belly, so it’s extra comfy!

The ergonomic design also makes it really easy to put on and off, and that’s so important! Complicated harnesses that take ages to put on are the worst, I always get super tired with the waiting!

This harness also has nylon webbing with reflective material, so you’ll always know where we are, even in the dark.

Plus it has a sturdy handle that can be used to secure us to a seat belt when in the car! Keeps us extra safe.

There are two leash attachment points, and in my humble canine opinion, everything about it is perfect!


  • Available in different sizes and adjustable fit: it perfectly adapts to the size of your dog, for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Durable scratch-resistant material: this harness will last a very long time, no matter the amount of adventures you take us on!
  • Lightweight with soft padding: it’s super comfy to wear, making your dog happier
  • Reflective material and extra handle: It will keep your dog safe, as you will have visibility even at night, and you can secure us to a seat belt with the extra handle!


  • Goes over the dog’s head when putting it on, some don’t like this

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2. Ruffwear Multi-Use Support Dog Harness

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The Ruffwear Multi-Use Support Dog Harness is another of my favorite harnesses for hiking, so much so that I almost put it down as my top option!

It’s available in three different colors, and it comes in different sizes to fit different types of dogs, which is great!

This harness is one of the most secure, as it has been designed for us dogs that get super eager to explore when out and about. This makes it all the more perfect for use when hiking!

It comes with a padded and reinforced handle, so if we’re pulling you up a hill, or you have to help us over some rough terrain, you have a good firm grip on the handle.

This harness is also super adjustable, with 5 different points of adjustment. That way you can make sure that it fits us perfectly, so we’re as comfortable as possible, and the harness is on us like a second skin!

It’s also foam-padded so that it doesn’t hurt anywhere, even when moving about.

It’s lightweight, resilient, and incredibly durable. And with our high energy…you kinda need to have harnesses able to keep up with us!

It also has reflective trim, so you can spot us in the dark, and it has a safety light loop where you can attach a small beacon light! As a dog, I approve of this harness completely!


  • Highly secure with padded handle: Perfect for hiking, comfortable for both dog and human, and able to endure plenty of pulling
  • Super adjustable: As well as coming in different sizes, it’s adjustable in 5 different points for a perfect and comfortable fit
  • Lightweight, resilient and durable: Ideal for hiking, it’s an extremely long-lasting harness!
  • Reflective trim and safety light loop: safety features that help you know where your dog is even in the dark


  • No front leash attachment point, only a back one

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3. PetLove Padded Dog Harness

[amazon fields=”B0722GZC1D” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The PetLove Padded Dog Harness is another great product option that I approve of, so if this is the one you and your dog end up liking, then go for it!

It’s available in a few different colors, many of them being nice and bright, and it’s also available in plenty of sizes to cater to more dogs!

This harness is really fashionable, but most importantly it’s very durable and long-lasting, made with scratch-resistant material. It can also handle a large loading capacity, so no matter how much your dog pulls, this harness will stay firm!

It’s also very easy to put on and off, which is always a pro (I hate waiting while my human figures out how to put the harness on, let’s just go already!)

This harness is also very lightweight, with mesh lining that has soft sponge padding in both the chest and belly areas. That way it’s super comfortable to wear, and your dog will be happy!

It comes with a few safety features too, like the reflective material to make sure you can spot us at night!

Oh and it also has a 12-month limited warranty, my human always says that’s good even though I don’t really understand what it means!


  • Scratch-resistant material with large loading capacity: highly durable harness able to withstand the pulling and heavy-duty use during hiking
  • Lightweight with soft sponge padding: very comfortable for your dog to wear
  • Reflective material: offers visibility at night, so you don’t lose your dog from sight!
  • 12-month limited warranty included: my human says this is good just in case the harness is bad!


  • It’s a bit bulky, but that’s because the padding is extra comfy!

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4. Pawtitas Pet Reflective Dog Harness

[amazon fields=”B00OBX3EKK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

One of my friends is a very small dog, and he always complains that it’s really hard to find a good harness for him because he just slips right out of them.

So just in case your dog also has this problem, I’ve included the Pawtitas Pet Reflective Dog Harness, ideal for smaller dogs. Although it also comes in different sizes for more medium-sized dogs!

It has been ergonomically designed so that it’s super comfortable, for both the dog and the human, while being highly functional. And it’s great for all walks apart from just hiking!

Apart from coming in different sizes, it also comes in different colors, so that you can choose your favorite. And it also has a reflective strip so that you can easily find your dog when it’s dark outside!

It’s also suitable for puppies, as it’s a secure yet comfortable harness. So perfect for their first-ever hike! It’s not as good for bigger dogs like me, but if you have a small dog then this harness is perfect!


  • Ideal for smaller dogs and puppies: perfect for your smaller dog and for puppies as they won’t slip out of the harness as easily
  • Ergonomically designed: very comfortable while remaining highly functional
  • Available in different sizes and colors: adapts to different dogs and preferences
  • Reflective strip: offers great visibility in the dark, so you don’t lose sight of your dog


  • Can be a bit tricky to put on at first

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5. Expawlorer No Pull Dog Harness

[amazon fields=”B011OSYGOM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Last on my list of top picks is the Expawlorer No Pull Dog Harness. Why do you humans always use dog puns with dog products?

Anyway, at least the harness makes up for it, it’s so comfy and useful! It comes in two sizes, medium and large, and it’s only available in black, but it’s still a really cool harness!

It has been designed with soft breathable mesh, so that it’s cushioned and comfortable, but it also doesn’t get too hot and uncomfortable when doing lots of exercises.

That’s why I think it’s a great choice! It also has reflective material for good nighttime visibility, and it has a sturdy handle that can be secured to a seat belt when in the car. Everything about it ensures we stay safe!

It’s also very easy to use, as you simply need to slide it over our head and adjust the straps. Plus there are quick-release buckles to make everything faster!

This harness also comes with a retractable dog leash, which is perfect for keeping us under control while also letting us explore a little ahead!


  • Soft breathable mesh: remains comfortable while also letting in the air so your dog doesn’t get uncomfortably warm in the harness!
  • Reflective material and sturdy handle: great safety features to keep your dog as safe as possible in all situations
  • Quick-release buckles: easy to put the harness on and take it off
  • Retractable dog leash included: amazing accessory, ideal for keeping your dog close by on a hike


  • Sizing needs to be double-checked as it can run small

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Buyer’s Guide

As a general rule, a harness is a lot better than a collar, and your dog will feel a lot more comfortable.

On a hike especially, there’s a lot of pulling and a lot of helping each other over rougher terrain, so it’s a lot safer for your dog to wear a well-fitted and comfortable harness, rather than a collar around the neck. 

I made a list of my favorite harnesses so that you humans can choose from some good products to keep your dog happy. But since I’m such an expert, I thought I could also share some tips on what to look out for in a harness!

The main thing in a harness is to ensure it keeps your dog safe and comfortable while providing an easy way to keep him under control and close by, no matter the adventure!

There are a few basic factors that you can consider, to ensure you’re getting the very best within your personal preferences. But above all, just remember to choose a harness that is right for your dog! 

Okay, let’s look at some of those factors! 

Fit and comfort: 

The most important thing in a harness is for it to fit. If it’s too small, it will be tight and uncomfortable on the dog, plus it really restricts our movement.

But if it’s too big, we will constantly slip out of it by accident, as it will keep falling off. Not to mention that it will also rub on our skin and hurt us! 

Always measure your dog and ensure that the harness is the right size. It’s also better to get a harness that can be further adjusted, so it truly adapts to your dog’s size to perfection! 

As for comfort, look out for a harness that has padding. That way, even if we pull on the harness, it won’t hurt us! And it will be really nice to wear, so we’ll be happy! 

Durability and strength: 

Going hiking with your dog is a great adventure, but be prepared for us to lead you into rough terrain!

We might get a bit over excited and pull more than usual, as we just want to get out there and explore.

That’s why it’s so important for the harness to be as durable as possible, so you can trust it to hold firm through it all! 

If your dog is especially big, and therefore, a lot stronger, then you need a suitable harness that has a higher strength capacity too! 

Safety features: 

Harnesses usually come in different colors, which is great. But most importantly, you should look out for safety features such as a reflective strap of material.

That way you will be able to spot your dog in the dark, so you don’t lose sight of him! 

You should also look out for a sturdy handle on the harness so that you can secure your dog with a seat belt when in the car.

I always get excited and stand up, which then sometimes causes me to fall over as the car moves, so my human always makes sure I’m safely secured! 

Additional accessories: 

Once you’ve covered all the basics, you can keep your eyes open for some additional accessories included with the product.

For example, a matching leash or a security light! They add value to the purchase and it means you don’t have to go and buy them separately! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dogs walk better with a harness? 

Well, this depends on the dog really! Some of my canine friends benefit from using a specialized collar, so you have to consider it case by case.

However, as a general rule, a harness is a lot more comfortable to wear. As it goes around our chest, there is no danger of us choking when we pull on the leash.

It also gives you humans better control over us when we wear a harness! So if I had to answer yes or no…then I would say yes! 

Is it safe to hike with a dog? 

We dogs love adventure, and we love going outdoors for some proper exercise, so hiking is a lot of fun!

However, you should be careful with young dogs and older dogs, as they might not be able to keep up over rougher terrain. And the same goes for small dogs that don’t have as much energy! 

You also need to be careful if the terrain is especially difficult or dangerous. Your dog should be able to explore the area without the risk of falling off a cliff, for example!

And you should also be careful if the weather is really hot, as we will get super thirsty really fast, and that can be dangerous! 

But as long as you take the necessary precautions, hiking with us is a great idea!