Bearded Dragon Lizard Thinks That the Dog is Its Personal Taxi

Today, I got a special task from, believe it or not, a lizard! You read that right. A cold-blooded scaly lizard! My human loves animals so much that they have furry and fur-less kinds in the house. It’s such a blast!

Anyways, today, the lizard must have been tired, because he wanted me to carry him to the other side of the room. Well, I didn’t know what to say at first. I mean, I don’t want to hurt the little guy. One big fall could really give him some bruises! Last thing I want is to have that on my conscience. That’s the main reason why my human is the one that moves him around.

So I was a bit surprised when it came up to me. I was just lying on the soft carpet and trying to relax with my chin on my paws, and this lizard wanted a lift on my back!

But this lizard was so polite and respectful. And I kinda felt sorry for it because it has such short legs. It must take forever to get anywhere around the house with such short legs. Oh, well. Might as well give the little thing a lift.

One, Two, Three Steps and We’re There

I was trying to relax, but I have to be a good roommate, so I agree to give the lizard a ride. What can I say? I love helping! I have to be careful when the little thing crawl towards me, and it niftily climbs on my back. And once I get up on my feet, with the lizard hanging onto my side, we are off!

Lizards move best in their natural habitat, but in modern settings like these, it’s crucial that they get a bit of help. Just like us doggos! Whenever we need some help, we always have a human ready to lend a hand. Lucky lizards also get a really cool view. They’re so small, so everything seems so much bigger! I wish I could trade places with him for a day. But I’ll have to settle for being a helper. I hope my human notices and sees how well we get along – we used to barely talk or anything! I bet they thought we didn’t like each other.

Some Lizard Fun Facts!

In case you haven’t noticed, this little lizard I’m carrying is what they call a bearded dragon. Betcha you think that sounds scary, huh? But, this type of lizard is actually completely harmless! No poison, no dangerously sharp claws, nothing like that.

The beard name actually comes from the spiky things under its neck that look like a man’s beard. Fitting, right? The awesome thing is the beard can grow big and puffy, usually when the lizard is facing an enemy. When the beard puffs out, the lizard looks bigger, and then it can scare away the bad guys! Oh yeah, the bearded dragon can also run pretty fast when it wants, and its tail keeps the lizard perfectly balanced when it’s climbing walls and stuff. But, most of the time, it just wants to be lazy and stay warm under heated lamps. Makes sense, since lizards are cold-blooded and can’t produce their own heat like you and I can!

Well, it’s a good thing I have such long legs. I walk lazily and reach the fireplace in a few steps. Whew, I’m tired. I curl up in front of the fireplace—you can drop off now, little lizard. We are here.

The lizard jumps off my back, thanks to me, and crawls away. You’re welcome, buddy! Time to keep relaxing now. I have completed my one good deed for the day, and I’m so proud of myself for being such a Good Samaritan.