Baby With Water Hose Cracks Up While Spraying Happy Dogs

A few months ago, my parents brought home this human. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think of him. He took all my parent’s attention and time away! And he always cried!

To be honest, I was a little jealous that he was allowed to poop in the house and I wasn’t.

But as he got bigger, he got a lot more fun! We do so many cool things together, like crawling around the house and chasing the cat. He got a lot better at that game when he learned how to balance on his two legs (that looks really hard).

Today, our mom took us outside to play with the water hose! We dogs don’t have thumbs, so we’ve taught the baby how to squeeze it.

It is like an endless water bowl, the water never stops coming out of that thing! We are having so much fun with it, and hearing the baby laugh like that makes us so happy (dogs do register babies on the cute-o-meter, even if we are a little jealous sometimes).

I’ve gotta call my canine brother over to come and get a drink from the water boy!

Uh-oh! I turned around for two seconds and the baby lost his balance. I don’t blame him, I’ve been trying to walk on two legs for years and it has never worked well for me.

Just gotta help this baby stand up so we can continue on with our spraying! I think I saw Pam the Pomeranian peeking through the fence hole.

I bet she is so jealous right now. Serves her right for digging up my mom’s garden and pooping in our lawn! Maybe if she had behaved herself, we would have invited her over to have a drink from our water boy. Oh well!

Alright, brother made it over here. He is so excited about this contraption and really happy that the baby has learned to use his thumbs.

With this little guy running around, our water bowls will never be empty! I need to start brainstorming some gift ideas we can give the baby because I want to thank him for giving us lots of water.

Maybe a bird or a squirrel? No, mom always screams when I bring her those. Those probably just aren’t good human gifts.

A blanket made from dog hair? I’m not sure about that one either. Mom is always using a sticky roller to get our fur off of her.

Well, I guess we will just have to pay this little baby in love and doggy kisses because I can’t think of anything we could get him that mom wouldn’t be upset about.

Alright, back to lapping up this water!

1…2…3… SPRAY!