Baby and Dog Love Catching Bubbles Together

There are very few things I enjoy more in this world than spending time with the baby. Mom tells me all the time how I’m going to be its best friend when its bigger, so I like to spend time training it. Today, I’ve asked Mom if we can play with bubbles.

I’m going to show the baby how to attack the bubbles and conquer them. I take my training duties very seriously.

Okay Mom you can start blowing bubbles on the count of 3, 2….

And here they come! The baby is doing much better than I initially expected. I thought there would be fear, but alas, there were only…giggles.

Training Has Commenced

So, I’m not sure how seriously the baby is taking this. Maybe it needs some training on how to jump and bite too. Its legs don’t seem to work really well yet.

I guess that’s why they call it “baby steps.”

The Deep End

Baby seems to understand that the point of the training is to kill the bubbles, so that’s a good start. I see it’s even trying to use its legs now, so we are definitely making progress.

Uh, I don’t quite know if its plan to just fall on the bubbles is going to work, but I can’t blame the kid for trying.

Aww, it’s kind of cute though. I wouldn’t call it a vicious predator, but the laughing and giggling is VERY disarming.

Protect And Serve

Given the failure of today’s training I have decided instead to lead by example. I’m going to protect the baby by going all out to conquer as many bubbles as possible.

I will destroy as many of them as possible before they fall on the baby. It seems to really love the pop pop pop though.

Don’t worry kid, I’ve got you. I’m gonna get them all.

Yeah, they’re starting to taste a little funny but a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do. After all, that’s what friends are for.