Athletic Dog Shows Off Record-Breaking Long Distance Leap

Now that the human Olympics are over, you can still see some pretty impressive skills! I love coming out with my humans to show them my jumping abilities. Sometimes they even bring their friends because I put on a good show.

You need a good, long runway, and that green stuff is Astroturf. Just like the pro-athletes, I need some good traction to do this safely.

It’s important to time your take-off so that you hit the first obstacle just right. What’s my secret to getting such good height? I never skip leg day. Haha, I’m just kidding. When you’re a dog, pretty much every day is leg day.

If you’re new to the jumping game, start slow. It takes a long time to work your way up to these kinds of leaps. And if you are afraid of heights, you might want to do a different hobby with your human, like those easier agility courses. Those look like a lot of fun, and you will stay closer to the ground.

While I like the help of a platform to really launch myself over ten feet into the air, the world record for a single jump (no platform help) is by one of my idols, a goofy greyhound named Feather. She can jump over 75 inches, or about the same height as my human. That’s amazing!

Treats come in a lot of different forms. I can’t lie — I love the kind of treats that I can eat. But I also love spending time with my human and seeing how amazed he is when I can really get some serious air.

As much as I love flying, you can’t forget to land carefully. Otherwise, you can really hurt yourself. Having that sandpit at the end gives me a place that is softer than regular dirt. And that thing on the pole? It’s not just a treat holder, it also gives me something to focus on, so I know where to aim for my landing.

After a day of jumping, I usually get a lot of love and plenty of rest. What can I say? Basically, my life is just one fantastic adventure.

I like to impress my human and his friends with my phenomenal feats. They think I do this for the treats, but that’s just a bonus. At my heart, I’m a thrill seeker!