Athletic Dog Plays Volleyball With Human

Ever heard of a dog playing volleyball?

Well, I have and I can! I can play volleyball.

Here’s how it started…

My human likes to play volleyball. She’s very good. She’s on a varsity team. She goes to practice many times during the week. When she’s at home on the weekend, she runs and keeps fit, but she doesn’t have anyone to play with. In volleyball, you have to be able to hit to someone.

Volleyball is a team sport. In beach volleyball, there are two people on a team. In other volleyball, there are five in a team. At least, I think so.

I’ve never seen my human play. Not In a team.

One day, my human was playing with a ball and throwing it against the wall. That didn’t look as though it was really working. So, I ran up when she threw the ball and bounced it back to her. She was SO surprised and grinned at me. “Can you do that again?” she asked.

“What a silly question,” I wanted to tell her, but humans don’t understand us, so I just grinned and wagged my tail.

And that’s how it started.

Now, my human and I play volleyball all the time. She knows I love it, ‘cos I wag my tail all the time. She told me she’d love to show off to her team what I can do. I think most people wouldn’t believe a dog can play volleyball!

What I really enjoy about playing with my human is that she has so much fun. She’s been my human for my whole life, that I can remember. The other dogs told me that she came home with a puppy one day. That was me.

They don’t know where I came from, but she was my human from then.

When she’s sad, I can see it and I go and sit with her. Sometimes, she cuddles me. At others, she just sits with me. I always want her to be happy.

That’s why I’m so glad I started playing volleyball with her. I’m learning to hit the ball back even harder and higher. Sometimes, I jump to meet the ball. Then I can whack it back even harder.

I don’t want to go too high, or it may fly way up and over the fence. Our neighbor is not too friendly, so we try to keep from hitting the ball into his yard.

Once, the ball went over, and he just kept it.

I hope that my human may take me to volleyball practice with her team one day. I really want to show them what I can do.

Who knows? They may even let me join the team!

Not as a mascot, but as a player.