Are Acorns Poisonous To Dogs?

If you have a canine companion, then you will want to know exactly what we can and can’t eat because we will try to eat everything.

As a Labrador, I will take it as a personal challenge to taste everything I find.

But sometimes, my owner shouts at me, and tells me not to, especially when it comes to those spiky, crunchy tree toys that my human calls acorns. 

Acorns are the small nuts that fall off the oak tree, which are often found on the ground during the autumn and fall months.

Sometimes, our curiosity gets the better of us, and if your dog is anything like me, then anything new is exciting, and I want to put it in my mouth.

My human says that I should not eat everything, although I would if I could! 

But, if I was left to eat everything I find on my walks, then I could get in big trouble… and not just with my owner.

If a dog picks up wood or acorns on a walk, then these could become toxic, and poison your furry friend.

Are acorns poisonous to dogs?

Yep, acorns are poisonous to us doggies, if we eat them! This is because they contain tannins which can upset our delicate stomachs and cause digestive problems if ingested.

These acorns can even cause kidney failure, liver damage or even death in some cases, and we want to stay with our owners as long as possible, so these will have to be avoided at all costs! 

It is important that when you notice that your doggie has eaten acorns, you check how many they may have ingested, and how often, as this will affect how your dog’s body reacts to the toxicity in the acorns.

You will also need to consider the size of your canine companion, as smaller dogs will be affected more, and may experience more severe symptoms of acorn toxicity than much larger dogs.

Also, acorns can be dangerous for us because they are sharp, hard objects that can become lodged in our throats, and either cause choking, breathing problems or blockages.

In addition, acorns can cause blockages in the stomach and the gastrointestinal systems, which can be fatal in many cases, and your dog will need emergency assistance.

What to do if my dog eats acorns?

If you suspect that one of us has eaten an acorn, then you will want to try and get whatever is left of it out of our mouths.

Even though we may struggle and wriggle to get away, you should take us to the veterinarian immediately.

If you are unsure, or you suspect that your furry friend has eaten an acorn, then you should look for signs that they may be suffering from the toxins inside the acorns.

Signs that your doggie may have eaten an acorn will include vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, dehydration, toxic shock, collapsing, or in the worst case scenario, death.

This is why it is vital that if you think that your furry friend has eaten an acorn, then you should speak to a veterinarian as soon as possible! 

It is important to remember that some dogs can take longer than others to show signs of acorn toxicity, so as soon as you notice, whilst picking up our poop…or wiping up our vomit before we eat it up again, you will want to tell the veterinarian.

How the vet helps us to feel better again will depend on how poisoned we have been by the acorns, and the condition of our health.

In most cases, the vet will help us be sick, and make our tummy pains go away with some medication and a few belly rubs.

If you are worried that your dog may have a blockage somewhere in their digestive system, then you may have to hold their paws whilst they have an x-ray.

You do not have to worry about us too much, us dogs are very tough, and almost 75% of us will show symptoms of poisoning, but be fine with the right treatment, and fast action!

How do I stop my dog from eating acorns?

Us dogs love to forage and hunt, looking for food and new scents to discover. This is why it can be so hard for our humans to keep track of what we pick up when out on a walk.

The best thing to do, is to keep us close and to ensure that we do not pick up anything or ingest anything that could be dangerous for our health! 

Owners should also strive to distract us with a toy or a treat if we show interest in acorns, to ensure that we leave them well alone!

If you are unsure whether we have eaten an acorn, or are suffering from toxins, then you should call our veterinarian immediately, just to be safe!

What things are poisonous to dogs? 

The main things that we have to watch out for are certain human foods. Sometimes, our humans love us almost as much as we love them, and they want to share their foods with us, but these are not always good for our stomachs and diets. 

For example, dogs should not eat chocolate, as this can be toxic and deadly for us!

In addition, onions, garlic and chives can irritate our gastrointestinal systems, whilst nuts can also be toxic for our bodies. Although humans love it, we also cannot eat avocados, or ingest alcohol.

Another common food item that we often look and beg for are bones. Every dog loves a bone, but uncooked ones are the best for us.

Cooked animal bones can splinter easily, which can be dangerous for our gums and mouths, so avoid giving us these, even though they smell mouth wateringly good. 

You should also avoid letting us eat wood, as these can be poisonous to us, and any acorns or conkers that may have fallen from trees as these can cause digestive issues in our bodies, that could result in a visit to the vets. We do not want to go to the vets.