Amazing Stunt Dogs Keep Surprising With Their Many Talents

Our humans are soooo great! We really have got them well-trained. Look at my human. She just kneels down whenever I want to practice jumping. She even gives me a treat when I do it well. I don’t want to give her anything yet. She still needs to learn to bend even lower when I jump.

If I let her practice the exercises enough times, she will do them really, really well.

My friend, Larry’s, human is even more fun. She likes to play with him with a Frisbee. Up in the air she throws it, and he catches it. It’s really good that she can throw well. When Larry started chasing the Frisbee, his human wasn’t really well-trained. She used to throw it higher than Larry could jump. It took a little while, but eventually, she learned to throw the Frisbee so that he could catch it easily.

Eventually, though, the human understood what to do. My friend trained her well.

Now, my other friend, Sax: her human was quite well-trained from the beginning. I remember when they started their games. The human was very, very careful with the Frisbee and Sax only had to jump a little way at the beginning. As she got better at the smaller tricks, her human learned to throw the Frisbee a little higher each time.

Now, they work together very, very well.

I’ve started to teach my human to play with a Frisbee. She tries hard, but can’t do many ricks yet. I like showing her what she should be trying to do. I love jumping higher and higher and catching the Frisbee in my mouth. I’m also great at doing a backflip with the Frisbee. I don’t think my human could ever learn to do that. She is learning to throw the Frisbee properly, though.

Bob, my neighbor, has been practicing doing handstands. His human isn’t very helpful, so Bob has to practice on his own.

I think he does really, really well on his own. Maybe, if my human gets better trained, then I may lend her to Bob. She would do some good work with him.

So, that’s us! We love learning and doing more tricks. And we love training our humans. If they get even better, we’ll give them more treats. And we’ll allow them to do some more tricks with us.