Adorable Ring Bearer Dog Steals the Show at Wedding

Today is a very big day for me and my parents. After a heckin’ long engagement, they’re finally getting married! I am so excited for them.

I’m not going to lie, at first I was a little jealous. My mom has had me as her very best friend since she was a small hooman. I didn’t like that this guy came in and stole all the attention from me!

Until I realized that with two hoomans, I got twice the head pats. And he always sneaks me hooman food (she doesn’t let me have it). After a while, he grew on me and now I get to be the Best Doge at their wedding.

Alright, it’s showtime, baby. I’ve gotta deliver this package to my dad. I’m not allowed to eat the gift, although I did try.

Dad got really mad at me for that one. He yanked it out of my mouth and bopped my nose. It was just so shiny and pretty, I thought it would taste as good as it looks!

In case you ever want to try to eat one of these “wedding rings”, let me tell you something. They do not taste good. It’s definitely not a snack I want to try ever again. Plus, you could get a nose bop and those are not fun.

I have arrived! Time to give dad the shiny gift. He’s going to put it on mom’s finger.

I think this is kind of like when we doggos bring sticks to each other. We save the best sticks for the ones we love, and I know dad thinks this ring is the best.

He told me how much money he spent on it and I couldn’t help but think that he could have bought a lifetime supply of doggie treats with that kind of money!

Is that… a treat I smell? For a good boi like me? Heckin’ wonderful thank you, mom!

She looks so beautiful in this big white floofy dress. I’ve never seen her wear something this big, I almost didn’t recognize her at first!

I really do have the most beautiful mom in the world. My dad sure is a lucky guy and he’d better treat her right or I will make sure to pee on his favorite pair of shoes!

I need to get back home and get my treats and toys packed. Mom is sending me to grandma’s while she goes on her honeymoon.

I’m going to miss them, but I love going to grandma’s house. She has a huge backyard with some of the best squirrels to chase and that chihuahua next door is like a fine wine. She just gets better with age (I’m going to find her a good stick when I get there).

Looks like my job here is done. You may kiss the bride!