Adorable Puppies Take Naps in Their Special Hammocks

I guess you could say I’m the middle child in more ways than one. I’m the pup in the blue in case you were wondering. These other two fluffballs are my sisters. They’re so annoying, especially when I’m trying to nap.

Mom and Dad have put us down to catch some winks in our burrito beds. That’s what they call it when they let us snooze in our special husky hammocks. It’s a good life. I’m so sleepy…

Just as I’m dosing off, I let off…uh…a little gas. Oops. I might have indulged in a few too many kibbles earlier. In any case I can’t help it, I’m just a kid!

Now my little sister is giving me a hard time though. Like she’s never let off a silent but violent stench bomb! This is the problem when you’re the only boy in the family.

Stop being such a princess, Cindy. It’s just how I smell!

Of course, now my big sister is stepping in. She’s always trying to keep the peace and make sure my little sis and I don’t fight too much. Between you and me, we fight because she’s spoiled, and she says I have middle child syndrome and then I steal her toys. In fact, once when Mom and Dad weren’t looking, I stole one of her treats too.

Okay, it was a few of her treats. Hence the gas.

Finally, I start to doze off. I’m dreaming about treats and walks and the pretty Basset hound that lives around the corner. When I’m grown up, I’m going to take her one of Mom’s nicest shoes and see if she wants to play with me. I can just picture it now…our tails swaying in the breeze…

Wait, why am I ACTUALLY swaying in the breeze? Did someone push me?

DID NO ONE ELSE SEE THAT? Someone totally pushed me. How are both of my sisters still fast asleep? Wait. I mustn’t panic. I’m the pup of the house and I’ll protect us.

Maybe it was nothing, you know? OR maybe my little sister is playing tricks on me and then pretending to be asleep?! I bet my big sis is in on this too. Way to ruin a perfectly good nap in our burrito beds! Maybe I should try to go back to sleep. I can get them back later. Or…

Nah, I’m going to go tell Mom and Dad. Middle child syndrome my foot!