Adorable Girl and Dog Best Friends Cruise around Town

So I know you always picture a human when you think of driving, right? Well, think again! Dogs are just as capable of driving as humans are! Think about it: humans use their feet to drive, right? Well, us doggos have twice as many feet for driving around. Two times the feet mean two times the driving skills, right?

Well, today was one of those days where I just needed to hit the pavement and get rolling. This time I brought one of the human pups in my family along for the ride! She wants to learn how to drive, and honestly, she couldn’t have found a better teacher than me.

Now, the biggest thing she needs to look out for are obstacles. When you’re in a speeding vehicle that can take you from Providence to San Diego, you need to make sure that you’re careful! It’s all too easy to get distracted by the yummy fast food billboards or that great new hit song playing on the radio. You’re going to be tempted to sing along or pull over for a snack, but you can’t! Driving is serious business, and it takes a focused mind and focused feet to do it safely.

I think the human pup has been taking my advice into account! She’s listening very carefully and watching me drive. This is great! Soon she’ll be be able to hit the open roads and go wherever she pleases – and maybe bring back some bacon treats for me from time to time. Although I know humans have to take a whole bunch of tests and carry around some shiny card as proof that they know how to drive. Honestly, with all these crazy drivers I’ve seen, I can’t blame them for having that system!

Well, I think I’ve taught enough for one day. Being a driving instructor is super hard work! I should get paid the big bones for doing this. Well, until our next lesson, we’ll just take a leisurely drive back home and watch some TV. How does Fast and Furious sound?