Adorable Dog Teaches Baby Sister How To Crawl

My baby sister was born six months ago, and she’s the light of my life!

We sleep together, we cry together, but most importantly, we poop together. Mom lets her poop inside, which I’m a little jealous of, but I’ve let that go. We have more important things to do!

I’ve taught her a lot of things that I had to learn on my own. My first order of business was how to make extra noise when you need attention (she’s great at human barking, she has me to thank for that one). I’ve also taught her to beg for treats and give mom puppy eyes when she really wants something.

There’s still a lot more to teach her, though, so my job is far from over!

For a long time, I was frustrated that she wouldn’t come outside with me to play. Turns out she didn’t know how to work her paws! Mom hasn’t taught her yet, so I decided to give her a jump start and teach her how to crawl. Once she learns how to do that, we will be an unstoppable team!

First, I gave her a pep talk. She seemed a little nervous but I reassured her that she was going to do great.

She couldn’t get her legs and arms working at the same time, so I got behind her to give her a little push. She was slowly starting to understand what I was talking about but she wasn’t quite there yet.

I had an idea though! What better way to teach my baby human about crawling than to just do it myself? I think this is the best way to go about teaching her.

She seemed to finally understand the point I was trying to make, but it took me crawling across the room myself. I simply stretched my hind legs out and used my front paws to move forward. That seemed to help her grasp the crawling concept and off she went!

Now that we have this lesson out of the way, it’s time for her to practice! We have so much to see and do, so it’s important that she gets really good at crawling. Together we can chase the mailman, sneak treats from the cabinet, and hide from mom when we poop inside.

The next order of business is teaching her to throw (my mom hasn’t played fetch with me since she was born, and I need someone to step up to the plate here!)