Adorable Dog Can’t Get Enough of Being Vacuumed

I have a lot of doggy friends, and they think I’m a little odd for a lot of different reasons.

For example, I like to hang out with the cats in the neighborhood and I never chase them! I also have a tendency to try and attack the sprinkler (it’s a never-ending game of fetch, okay?)

But the oddest thing about me (in their opinion) is my love for being vacuumed! What’s not to love about it? I get scratches, pets, and clean all at the same time!

My motto is “Why would you get bathed when you can get vacuumed instead?”

I love getting my back vacuumed. I can’t reach this spot when I scratch, so it takes care of all of the unreachable itches!

Even though I love it when my human scratches my back, the vacuum just does things that no human can do!

My human says it’s like a massage therapist for doggies.

The only thing I hate about the vacuum is when my human stops using it! Whenever this happens, I just run back over and put my head under it. She gets the message pretty quickly and goes back to vacuuming my fur.

Even though I’ll take a vacuum wherever I can get it, I don’t really like it when it’s on my head for too long. Dogs like me have extra sensitive ears, and that machine is loud! It’s the main reason my friends don’t like it. But to me, it’s worth the sacrifice.

Sometimes my mom likes to tell me fun facts about vacuums because she knows how much I love them.

The most interesting one, and the one that makes me most grateful for the modern-day vacuum, is how big it used to be!

Vacuums used to be so large that they had to be hauled around by a horse-drawn buggy! It was a favorite service amongst royalty and was even used to clean Westminster Abbey after an event with Queen Alexandra.

It also ran on gas, which is much different than the vacuum my mom uses. Her vacuum uses a cord that I am not allowed to eat (I learned this the hard way).

Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to have thumbs. If I had them, I’d invent the first dog-powered vacuum that lets us use it without the help of humans!

For now, though, I’ll just have to settle with begging my mom to vacuum my butt. She doesn’t seem to mind doing it anyway!