Adorable Bulldog’s Simple Trick Makes His Human Laugh Nonstop

Me and my dad are back at it again playing these silly games that he comes up with! He has all kinds of fun games and toys. Catch with a super bouncy tennis ball, fetch with a stick from the sweetest treat in the yard, or – my favorite – playing with my squeaky toy!

You ever watch “The Karate Kid”, where Daniel and Mr. Miyagi are trying to catch a fly with their chopsticks? Yeah, this is basically the dog-human-squeaky-toy equivalent of that. My human loves to show off his speed and pull the squeaky toy away at the last second. Argh! It’s a fun skill test, but how am I supposed to compete with a two-legger?! Humans have two limbs that don’t involve walking at all! All I have is my mouth!

And to make things more complicated, his big ol’ arm is in the way! Every time I try to go for the toy it’s like I’m being thrown into the pillory!

Okay, focus, Fido. Focus. You can do this. Let me think… What are some strategies I can use so that he can’t pull the squeaker…? Because every time he pulls the toy away, I get stuck in his arm for a while. Maybe I could… stay in his arm until he brings the toy back? No, he’s too smart to fall for that.

Maybe I could go around the other way and grab the toy that way? Mmm, no, he’ll just hide the toy before I can get around him. Think, Fido, think!

All right, I think I have a plan! I’ll just wait until the toy is far out enough that I can reach it! My human isn’t putting the toy far out enough, of course I won’t be able to catch it! Let me just wait for him to hold it out far enough… and strike!

Ha! My plan worked, I got it! Finally! Man, that was hard work. But it gave my human a good laugh, so It guess that was worth it, too.

And once the cameras were off, my human got me my favorite bacon treats as a thank you for giving him a laugh – and hopefully getting him a viral video.