Acrobatic Chihuahuas Stun Crown with Amazing Backflips

No, we aren’t part of a circus, and no, we aren’t using some kind of advanced graphic software to create these scenes. It might also interest you to know that we are not using any safety nets, harnesses, or any other types of safety equipment – are you impressed yet?

While photographs and still images may not always do it justice, they can sometimes catch the frozen moments of our aerial art, that is both breathtaking and exciting. Yes, we should give our owners and trainers some credit too.

Let’s be honest though, how many of you humans want to attempt a trick or flip like ours? Exactly. But our owners and trainers do help us, and it isn’t like we aren’t appreciative. Oh yes, we also would like to point out that we aren’t only talented, skilled, and well-trained dogs, we are Chihuahuas.

Okay, I can see from the look on your face that those words didn’t resonate. Let me try it this way, there are dogs, and then there are dogs. You know, you humans have the good humans and, well – not so good humans too, right?

That being said most dogs are good, but we Chihuahuas just happen to be the cream of the dog crop if you will, the top milk biscuit, the leader of the pack, the – okay, you get it. And the proof is right here. How many animals, let alone dogs have the agility, flexibility, and prowess to do tricks like these? How many dogs are as smart, can learn this many tricks, and look so beautiful?

We aren’t bragging, these are just facts. I mean, we can even walk if we had to, on two legs just like our owners and trainers. And if we are being completely honest, the crowds are just doggone awesome. They really like us, and everywhere we go it is kind of like being celebrities. How many dogs can say that?

But we aren’t only talented, beautiful, well-trained, amazing, and smart animals, we are humble too. I mean, just look at us! And it is because of all these wonderful traits that people love Chihuahuas.

Now, we don’t know if every or any Chihuahua can do what we do, but we probably aren’t your typical Chihuahuas either. We might take our show to a bigger venue too, me and the team have been talking about it. I mean, we love these park crowds and impromptu events, but we are just thinking it might be time to take it to the next level.

So stay tuned and keep your eyes out for us at a venue or state near your, and don’t miss our acrobatic show-stopping crowd-pleasing act. And who knows if you get to see us now then you might be one of the fortunate ones who can say – ‘I knew them when.