3-Week Old Boxer Puppy Tries to Howl AND Steals Our Hearts

Okay, can I share a (no pun intended) pet peeve of mine? Well, people expect me to be able to do all sorts of things just because I am a dog! run fast, fetch, dig up bones. Some of it I’m good at, but humans will act like I should be extra good at it! And one thing that people expect me to be able to do is howl well, even though I’m just a puppy! Howling is definitely more difficult than it looks.

Even my human has tried to howl to teach me! Don’t they know that I’m just plain too small?

I Think My First Howl Went Well

But I wanted to make my family happy, so I gave it a good try not too long ago! I’d never actually howled before in my life, but I think my first real attempt at howling went really well. All I did was picture a big strong lion and ROAR!

Of course, though, it was plain old small and cute. Not scary or intimidating at all. I bet I’ll get better as I get big and strong! I’ll need to eat well and do lots of exercise so I can grow fast.

My Human Is Testing My Howling Ability

My humans have tried coaching me by howling with me, but they’re all grown! They definitely have an advantage here, even if they’re not dogs. They’ve also put on videos of dogs howling, and have even tried rewarding me with treats when I give a big bark or a little baby howl. I won’t lie, it has helped a bit!

Another trick they’ve tried is having me bark in front of a mirror. I guess it’s to help my technique? It just makes me feel silly, to b honest! But it makes them happy, and maybe it’s helping in a way I haven’t noticed.

The Hardest Part Is Keeping the Howl Going

Well, even if I were to master getting a howl out, how you keep it going?? I’ve seen videos of dogs and wolves howling for sometimes longer than a whole minute! How do they do it? Practice, I suppose. I hope I’ll be able to give big hows like that when I’m bigger!

I should try to think of howling like singing! Instead of trying to howl, I should try to sing – I mean, howling is just dog singing in the end, right? Maybe this technique will help me get better! It seems really important to my humans. Maybe they want me to be a loud guard dog one day?

One Day I’ll be a Famous Dog Singer

You know, if I get this right, I could become a really good doggie singer! I’ve seen tons of videos of dogs that sing and howl, sometimes with their human’s help. Maybe that’s why my human wants me to howl – so we can sing together!

Oh boy, I’d better get back to practicing! That would be so fun!