29 Fur-Bulous Celebrity Dogs That Have Us Howling

As famous celebrities, we all just love treating our humans like royalty. As pampered pups, we know just how to live the dream with our celebrity parents and high-fashion lifestyles. From specialty tailored clothing items to ultra-fashionable hairdos, it’s no secret to anyone that we are totally spoiled to the core. Celebrity life is no joke, and between keeping an eye on our outfits, waistlines, and humans, it’s a whole lot of work as well.

Let’s look at some downright adorable dogs hanging with their favorite celebrities (looking glamorous the whole time, too)!

“Wow, that’s a lot of cameras! I hope they’re getting my good side!”

lisa vanderpump dog


“I can’t believe that mom made me go to the gym today. I thought walking was already a workout!”

sophia bush with dog


“If I had known today was picture day, I would’ve curled my eyebrows better!”

hilary swank and dog


“Check out our latest manicures! I call it ‘pawfection.'”

julianne hough dog


“I know I should be looking at the camera, Dad, but they’ve got my favorite snack!”

max greenfield dog pedigree


“If Albert Einstein can stick out his tongue and get famous, so can I!”

actress with dog


“Oh man, is that the real Andrew Jenks? I’m so nervous!”

“I don’t know what to say! Don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact!”

andrew jenks and dogs


“Do these kerchiefs make our butts look big?”

new york celebs and dogs


“In case you’re wondering — yes, I did wake up like this.”

mike row and dog


“Mom, when are you going to get me one of those cute rings, too?”

rebecca romijin small dog


“This is probably the most embarrassed I’ve ever been for another human.”

jerry oconnell with dog


“If anybody asks, the bands around my legs are totally just fashion statements. I’ll start a trend!”

diane keaton walking dog


“We might love the high life, but a good old fashioned walk around the block is still enough for us!”

women celebs walking dogs


“I’m almost as athletic as Gabby is! I’ll show you after my nap.”

gabby douglas holding dog


“They call me Dog, James Dog. And yes, I want my food shaken, not stirred.”

lisa vanderpump with dog tux

“Dave, this is so unprofessional. I would have looked just as cute from the ground!”

david hasselhoff holding dog


“Yes, I do live a fabulous life. It’s a professional hazard.”

maria menounos and dog


“Forget the cameras, I wonder if another episode of Dog Whisperer is on. . .”

oscar nunez and dog


“You’ve gotta let your humans know how much you love them. Even famous people need some TLC!”

paula abdul with dog


“They say you mimic your heroes. I guess that’s why Mom dressed up like me!”

julianne hough with dogs


“No Clint, it’s not for target practice.”

clint eastwood target dog


“Is it just me, or is it a little crowded in here?”

miranda kerr and dog


“I can’t be seen in public with purple, mom!”

jessica alba and pug


“You said we’d be done after the LAST photo.”

reese witherspoon little dog


“Yikes, I think that’s my ex over there! Let’s blow this joint.”

pink and dog


“Cute jeans! I’ll ask mom for a pair.”

kate beckinsale and dog


“It’s a dog’s life, believe me.”

paris hilton and dog


“My mom’s more famous than yours!”

sharon osbourne kelly osbourne dogs


“I’d better pose for the red carpet!”

denise richards and dog