Puppies Hilariously Find A Way To All Fit Into Bucket

These pups were able to easily fit into this bucket when they were 8 weeks old, but now at 12 weeks its a pile of puppies.

Take it from me, when you’re part of a litter there are not many downsides. There’s always someone to play with when you’re happy or cuddle with when you’re tired. Here are some of my puppy friends at their most adorable.

basket of puppies

I told you before if I can’t be upfront, I need to find some way to get noticed. This flower smells like my ticket to stardom.


dogs on a rock

He’s our baby bro, so the next joker who starts singing, “One of these things is not like the others,” is going to see my scary side.


dogs with bows

I wanted to wear pink this time. Why do I always have to wear green?


border collie puppies

You guys, stop looking at the camera. There is definitely something moving in the grass. Guys. GUYS!


seven white puppies

You are confusing my ear with a chew toy, and you’re getting me all slobbery.


white puppies on bench

So, are we sitting or laying down? You guys pay attention! This is taking forever.


labrador retrievers pile

If I didn’t know better, I’d say that our mom had too much chocolate milk when she was expecting.


row of dogs

I call this one the double bye-bye wave. It’s cuter when I stand up, but I’m tired.


bulldog puppies

It’s so bright out here. Can someone find us seven pairs of very small shades?


golden retreiver puppies

You better not be planning on four cats for the rest of Hanukkah!


border collies

Pssst. You guys might want to wake up and move. The baseball game is starting and you look like a base.


cocker spaniel pile

It’s way more comfortable up here. You guys should try it, but then we’d just be a puppy stack.


black and white dogs

They say blondes have more fun. When I hang out with these guys, things get crazy – unless we’re napping.


dogs in front of logs

We like our favorite sticks organized by size. The big ones are for group chews.


litter of puppies

I used to get mad when they called us Fuzzy Face, but then I look in the mirror and it’s true. Also, we’re adorable.


cocker spaniel pile

Someone wake up Jasper. If he messes up his hair and make-up, this photoshoot is never going to end!


bull terriers in a basket

I’m really sorry guys. I was told there would be a balloon attached to the basket.


dogs on blanket

Okay kids, the mattress testing is over for today. Kids? Kids?


pile of dogs

I think we started the Conga line too late in the day.


husky in dog bed

I look like a comma on a puppy page.


newborn puppies

What can I say? The ladies love to cuddle our fuzzy cheeks.


three puppies

I asked my kids to demonstrate the three best sleeping positions. Now I can’t wake them up!


bulldog puppies

No Botox here! We may be young, but we earned these wrinkles.


french bulldog puppies

It started with us trying to find out what smells so good in the laundry basket. Turns out it was lavender for peaceful dreaming.


dogs on blanket

The invitation said “Formal”, so we all wore our good pearls.


puppies sleeping

Okay, who passed gas? You can all pretend to be asleep, but I smelt it so one of you dealt it.


puppies in a line

Whose bright idea was it for us to sleep this way? Now everyone is sleeping next to a butt.