26 Dog Quotes that Sum Up How We All Are Feeling Right Now

Us dogs just don’t get enough credit. Sure, we are fluffy and cute and fun. But we are regular philosophers too! We understand “life” and what is really important. Some of the best quotes to help keep our humans centered are about dogs. Here are a few of my favorite dog quotes featuring dogs like “Moi” as the subject!

1. “So we make the absolute most of the time we do have.”

dog years

2. “I do! I do! And you’re my favorite too!”

dog thinks I'm awesome

3. “I mean, we also can snuggle on your lap to let you know we are here too.”

cat dog friends

4. “There is no such thing as the wrong dog.”

adopt dogs

5. “I agree with this. We should frame it and make it a daily mantra. Let’s say it together.”

spoil dog

6. “Four of them too! Complete with toe beans!”

my kids have paws

7. “I think my human is compassionate, loving, funny, and the best person in the whole wide world.”

be better person

8. “Lie detector yes. Metal detector, sadly no.”

dog tail lie

9. “Ahh, while we are on the topic. I made a big ‘memory’ for you in the kitchen.”

dog mess memories

10. “Is this something unusual? I usually just call that a weekday?”

talking to dog only

11. “Because rescued is ALL the breeds!”

rescued dog breed

12. “This is a scientific fact! Known to cure broken hearts, bad days, loneliness, and boredom.”

dog kisses

13. “Thankfully, my human is fluent in dog-language.”

dog language

14. “Did I hear someone say adventure?!”

let's get lost

15. “I bet it is even better with two dogs. Double the fun!”

life better with dogs

16. “A bundle of happy thoughts to get your day rolling today!”


17. “And you are my best friend! So when do we get those matching heart, best friend necklaces? I’ll look online for them.”

dog best friend

18. “Which, funny enough, can be anywhere! I’m always going to be by your side!”

home where dog is

19. “That’s convenient. Because humans happen to be my favorite people!”

dogs favorite people

20. “May I also suggest play with your dog. Feed your dog. And cuddle with your dog? Just suggestions, of course.”

life short hug dog

21. “Right! So don’t mind those paw prints in the kitchen too. They’re a bonus.”

dog pawprints on heart

22. “We try to understand. We do have feelings and have a high emotional IQ.”

dog understand

23. “Looks like a winning combination to me.”

dog warm heart

24. “And if one paw isn’t enough, I can offer you three more to help.”

hand paw

25. “Fun fact: Dogs are great listeners and only rarely talk back.”

therapy dog

26. “Which is pretty darn far. About as far as I can see.”

dog love to moon