25 Tired Dog Moms That Can Teach You a Lesson About Parenting

If you’ve ever dealt with six pups at once, you know that dogs are experts at this parenting business. We know how to keep our pups occupied, when to let them strike out on their own, and when it’s time for them to find their new fur-ever homes. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t get tired (dog tired) of them!

1.If only they always got along this well! But they’ll be hounding each other again in no time.

mother two dogs puppies


2. I must not eat my puppy, I must not eat my puppy, I must not eat my puppy.

white retriever and puppy


3. Sometimes, I like to just space out and regret some of my life choices.

cute brown dogs


4. Here I am asking for help, but everyone else is just standing around taking photos like jerks.

pugs pug mom feeding


5. I was once a champion show dog; now where is my dignity?

white dog feeding puppies


6. You’re not supposed to have favorite children. But this one. This one is definitely my favorite.

alaskan malamutes dog family


7. When it comes to the puppy pile, there’s a fine line between “comfy” and “suffocating”!

seven labrador puppies dog mom family


8. Your children aren’t necessarily a carbon copy of yourself… but mine are!

female german shepherd puppies


9. I’ve got six kids! I wouldn’t survive without the ability to multi-task!

dog mom breastfeeding


10. It may seem lazy, but I’m going to take advantage of nap time as much as possible — especially when the sun is shining.

rhodesian ridgeback


11. Pro-tip: Leave your pups to their own devices sometimes and hope their survival instincts kick in.

small dog mom puppies


12. I just need to get through the “potato stage” — and then they’ll be able to play.

saint bernard and puppies


13. I’m still not 100% sure these are still my children, they just sort of appeared one day. But more’s the merrier!

brown husky mom and puppies


14. As long as one of them is sleeping at any given time, I can take a break.

white golden retriever family


15. At least puppies just need mothering for 10 to 12 weeks, not eighteen years!

blonde dog family


16. It’s so rough being a single mom!

blonde dog nursing


17. Sometimes, it’s all I can do to not react. They spent all evening chasing MY tail!

mom and puppies


18. I don’t even think these are mine. These are clearly small cows.

brown cocker spaniel


19. Sometimes, I just want to go out with my friends again, chase the cats, bark at the UPS guy.

small puppies feeding


20. It doesn’t matter what situation I’m in, as long as I have my family.

dog family outside


21. At the end of the day, it’s worth it to have twice as much puppy snuggles.

chocolate brown dog feeding puppies


22. My human gave me this blanket. That’s great, but what about a babysitter?

sleeping dog nursing


23. Someday, they’ll be my retirement plan; they’ll be raking in the kibble.

mom feeding puppies outside


24. I know, I know — they never put down the damn camera.

dog mom outside


25. I think sometimes it’s important to take some time for yourself. Are they ready for crate-training yet?

baby husky