Determined Pup Does Everything Possible To Wake Up Human

There’s no sleeping in with this doggy around! The most effective doggy alarm clock ever.

Oh, you need some extra room on the bed? Look, you may not realize it, but my days are long and rough (get it? “rough!”) Sometimes I spend hours sitting at the window barking at the other dogs outside who intrude on my visual space. That takes a lot of energy. Then there’s all of the whining and begging I do at each meal in order to get scraps of human food. I mean, it’s ex-HAUSTING! So, when it’s time to sleep, I need to spread out and relax…on YOUR bed! Don’t worry, I’ll try to leave some room for you.


  1. “Admit it. You know I’m your favorite  snuggle buddy!”

dog licking woman


2. “He’s gonna need a bigger bed, right? Otherwise, he’s going to have to sleep on the floor.”


3. “Ahhhh….life doesn’t get any better than this!”

dog happy on bed


4. “Do you mind? I’m trying to get some shut-eye here!”


5. “If you think we’re going to make room for you, you’re sadly mistaken!”

three dogs on bed


6. “Mom, can you sing us just one more lullaby?’


7. “Oh man, I shouldn’t have had so many beers last night.! I’m gonna need a few more hours.”

sleepy dog collapsed


8. “This is, like, the best sleepover ever! Thanks, guys, for inviting me to stay over. Ooooh, Kayla, I love your fur. Want a braid?”

pets snuggling


9. “What?! No! We weren’t doing anything! Can you please close the door!”

dog and cat


10. “I think she really likes me. She really, really likes me!”

dog smile



11. “Sorry, Mom, I don’t think there’s any room for you tonight. Try the couch.”

dog asleep


12. “I’m so good at this hide-and-seek game. They’’ll never find me here.”

dog paws


13. “Hey, guys! This bed is getting way too small for us. It’s time we move up to Mom and Dad’s bed. Are you with me?!”

litter of puppies on bed


14. “G’night, my honey bunny! I wuv you.”
“G’night to you, sweet pea. I wuv you more.”

twin dogs in bed


15. “Hmmm, that’s a lot to think about. Maybe a short snooze will help.”

great dane


16. “Rufus, you know I’m the cute one. Admit it!”
“Yeah, mmm, whatever…zzzzz…”

two fluffy dogs


17. “Do I look like a pillow to you?”

girl and dog


18. “Your shoes? No, never saw them. What about you, Gus?”
“Shoes? What shoes?”

two dogs on bed


19. “C’mon, Sam. Enough lying around. Besides, I’m famished. Let’s go bug Mom for breakfast.”

dog licking face


20. “Just 5 more minutes. I promise. Okay, maybe 10. Just 10 more minutes.”

cute pug sleeping


21. “James, will you bring me my caviar? I feel the need for a small snack before my next nap.”

daschund sleeping


22. “Honey? You up? Junior’s snuck into our bed again.”

dog family sleeping


23. “You’ve got the entire bed, and this is where you choose to sleep? Really?!”

two dogs snuggling


24. “How the heck did I get myself down here?”

dog sleeping in bed


25. “Is that a new cat? Quick, spread out. Let’s send the message that this bed is taken!”

two dog friends