Dog Was Chained Up His Entire Life, Gets Second Chance At Happiness

Biscuit the Husky has lived his whole life chained up. This video shows his first taste of freedom as he runs free in a beautiful 6-acre field.

I’m a pretty happy dog, and that’s thanks to my loving family. They feed me, show me lots of love, and take care of me when I’m sick. Not all dogs are so lucky, and I really appreciate my life. My family plucked me from the local animal shelter, which was not a fun place, believe me. While I was there, I tried to put on a brave face and look confident, but I was scared. I used to think, “What if no one chooses me?”

Then my family arrived. When they saw me, they made such a fuss and said they were going to take me home. Yay! Fortunately, I was already spayed and microchipped, so I was all ready for my new home. I can’t imagine living anywhere else! As they say, “Happiness is a joyful dog.” They say that, right?

1. “I don’t know what it is about this particular activity that I enjoy so much, but I do love it!”happy german shepherd

2. “See, Mom? I brushed really well and flossed, too! Don’t my teeth look beautiful?”

happy shiba inu


3. “There’s nothing better than a good roll in the grass.”

golden dog playing


4. “This looks like a good spot to catch some rays.”

toy poodle sunglasses


5. “I love these autumn walks, Mom. The air is so cool and crisp, and I get to wear my new sweater!”

jack russell terrier

6. “Hey, pretty lady. What do you think of my cool shades? Can’t look away, can you?”

american bulldog


7. “Who doesn’t love a good bath. And this is a good bath!”

happy smiling dog


8. “Pet me first!”
“No, me first!”
“You got pet first yesterday. My turn!”

two dogs smiling


9. “You make me so happy. I just love you so much!”

golden retriever dog

10. “I just love when my mommy takes me out on walks. Especially when she carries me most of the way.”

woman holding dog

11. “Seriously? We’re going in the car?! I’m on my way!”

happy retriever running

12. “Thanks for the comb. Make sure to get those strands in the way back Oh, and can I have a headband like yours?”

young girl and dog

13. “Watcha doin’ and can I do it with you?”

fluffy pomeranian

14. “Check out this beautiful garden. Want me to pick some flowers for you?”

dog in flowers


15. “Honey, thank you for a beautiful date. You are such a romantic.”

dog kiss

16. “Here I am! I’m so good at this hide-and-seek game!”

happy dog


17. “I am pooped! But that was the best game of fetch. I always win!”

dog smile


18. “My tongue is totally longer than yours. See?!”

boxer with long tongue

19. “Just making sure you’re still there.”

happy rottweiler

20. “Ha, ha! That’s the funniest joke. You literally made me fall over.”

happy dalmation

21. “I really do love my little girl, but she is getting so heavy!”

girl and dog


22. “Hey! Hey” Look at me! I made it all the way over here!”

23. “C’mon! Am I supposed to look for the ball all by myself? A little help here!”

black lab


24. “Loving all of this fresh air and sunshine! And just look at the view. Doesn’t get any better than this!”

siberian husky

25. “Hi, I’m Cleo. It’s really nice to meet you.”

smiling chihuahua