Just 25 Dapper Dogs In Bowties Feeling Super Cute

If there’s one thing the world needs a lot more of, it’s puppies.

Pictures of dogs in bowties have taken the world by storm recently, and they’re so downright cute that we couldn’t help but include some of them here! Believe us when we say that bowties on dogs are the thing you never knew you needed this year.

Check out these dapper dogs and find a new favorite bowtie for the canines in your life!

“I’m sorry, I’m just so camera shy! Give me a second to compose myself, okay?”

brown dog with bowtie


“First you tie the bowtie loop, then you boop my handsome snoot!”

puppy with prominent nose


“Everyone’s gotta have a little black suit. I’m told they’re very slimming!”

black dog and red bowtie


“This one really brings out my eyes, huh?”

pit bull bix bowtie


“I thought this was a picture for wacky hair day, not puppy graduation day!”

brown dog green bow


“There are two types of picture takers in this world: the smiler and the sultry starer!”

two french bulldogs


“No, I’m not your handsome widdle puppy dog!’ Stop saying that!”

yorkshire terrier


“First impressions are everything, my friend. That’s why I always go for the fashionable yet withdrawn look.”

tall dog wearing bowtie


“I always thought that red bowties brought out my tongue – I mean – my eye color! Right?”

closeup fluffy dog


“I wanted to look really handsome for my birthday this year!”

dog and rainbow bowtie


“Did you take the picture yet, human? My face is starting to hurt!”

shiba inu picture day


“Boy, this bowtie makes me look a little ruff! I hope other dogs aren’t too paw-plexed about it!”

fluffy dog outside


“What do you mean it wasn’t a black tie event? I wore a bowtie, that’s a lot less formal!”

pug with black bowtie


“Si je peux me permettre, but your dinner is served. Bon appetite, and enjoy!”

blonde dog in tux tuxedo


“Man, I hate events that require business casual. When can we go back outside and run around again?”

blonde dog rainbow bowtie


“Look how awesome I am in plaid! I’m like a lumberjack, but cuter! And smaller, too.”

Photogenic little dog


“Look out, world! When I’m all grown up, I’m going to be the bestest and most coolest bowtied pup ever!”

black american bulldog cute small


“Bowties, mutton chops, and long hair have gone the way of the dinosaur. I’m here bringing it back, baby!”

yorkshire terrier bowtie


“Is it a little hot in here, or is that just my really awesome style seeping into the atmosphere?”

dog with tongue out


“Darling, fashion is all about confidence. Trust me on this one.”

small brown dog with red bowtie


“Bowtie? Check. Smile? Check. Date? I’m looking at them!”corgi in bowtie


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year — to be wearing a bowtie, of course!”

black french bulldog


“Did we have to go with the blue one? I wonder if that cute polka dot tie at Men’s Warehouse is still in the clearance section. . .”

small brown dog blue bowtie


“What do you mean ‘now smile?’ I can’t crack a grin at all looking like a circus animal!”

boxer puppy


“If you really want to show off your confidence, aim for a bowtie that’s bigger than your head!”

happy small white dog