25 Dangerous Foods That Can Poison Your Dog

When it comes to food, us dogs truly love to beg for table scraps! While some human food is safe for me and my four-legged friends, there is a lot of food that isn’t – it can really make our tummies feel ruff. Find out which foods are poisonous to avoid a trip to the vet (trust us, we don’t want to go either).

1. Yeast

“If you want me to rise to the occasion, make sure to avoid giving me yeast! This baking ingredient can expand in my tummy and cause discomfort for me and you (I’ll definitely be gassy).”

dog yeast

2. Xylitol

“Have you heard of xylitol? While many humans use this sugar-substitute with no harm, it’s best to stray away for me and my doggy friends. We’re as sweet as sugar anyways, so we don’t need to consume it!”

dog xylitol

3. Walnuts

“Are you nuts? Giving me walnuts is a bad idea! Walnuts can obstruct my intestines, leaving me in severe pain and you with an expensive vet bill – two things we both do not want!”

dog walnuts

4. Oxalates

“To-may-to, to-mah-to – however you say it, make sure I don’t get a hold of the leaves! The leaves have oxalates in them. Some humans can’t even tolerate oxalates. When in doubt, leave the oxalates out!”

dog tomatoes

5. Tea

“I might look like a regal beagle when I drink tea, but caffeine is bad for me. Not just in tea, but other forms of caffeine too – like coffee and pop! Trust me, I don’t need the extra energy. I get the zoomies all on my own!”

dog tea

6. Salt

“Salt may be tasty, but too much of this mineral can cause sodium ion poisoning. Guess that means you can’t slip me any more salty french fries during dinner.”

dog salt

7. Rhubarb

“Look at me lounging in this leafy rhubarb! Just like tomato leaves, you’ll want to make sure I do not snack on rhubarb. If you want to feed me something green, how about a dental-stick?!”

dog rhubarb

8. Potato

“My mom won’t let me play hot potato anymore. Last time, I accidentally ate the potato and I ingested too much solanine (a poisonous substance for doggos). Plus, raw potatoes are high in carbs, which can cause a little too much weight gain (worth it if you ask me, but mom says no).

dog potato

9. Peach

“You can call me Princess Peach! Wait, I can’t actually eat peaches? The pits are bad for me? AND THEY HAVE CYANIDE?! Okay, but I can eat raspberries? Guess my name will have to be Princess Raspberry…that doesn’t have the same ring to it.

dog peach

10. Onions

“Don’t worry, onions make me cry too! Believe it or not, onions are one of the worst foods you could give me. Remember, this includes when onions are included in other foods – like meatloaf! Guess I’ll have to find a new favorite food.”

dog onions

11. Hot Dogs

“Hot doggity dog! As much as my humans like to throw some dogs on the grill (it’s just an expression – take your tail out from between your legs), hot dogs are way too fatty for us pups. They might be an easy treat to slip us during cookouts, but be sure to avoid feeding us this food!”

dog hot dogs

12. Mushrooms

“There are mushrooms of all types! While store-bought mushrooms, such as portabellos, aren’t poisonous to me, it’s not required in my diet! But certain wild mushrooms can be extremely toxic to me and my humans! Make sure to keep an eye on me when we’re walking in the woods, just in case my nose gets a little curious.”

dog mushrooms

13. Mold

“While this might not look appetizing to you, it looks great to me (remember, I’m color blind, I can’t tell the difference). Make sure my food or any food you give me is mold-free and dog-approved! You wouldn’t eat moldy leftovers, so why feed them to me?”

dog mold

14. Macadamia

“Macadamia? I thought you said we were doing the Macarena? Aw nuts! Well, don’t let us get a hold of these little guys. Even one can be poisonous enough to cause unsettling symptoms!”

dog macadamia nuts

15. Beer

“Let’s hop to it! Er, maybe we shouldn’t since hops don’t agree with my stomach! One beer for you and one water for me, please!”

dog hops

16. Gum

“Bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish. Howl many pieces do you wish? Psst…You can have it all. Just as it’s bad for you to swallow chewing gum, it’s even worse for me!”

dog gum

17. Grapes & Raisins

“While fruit is good for my humans, some of it can be super toxic to me! Grapes and raisins are easy to drop on the floor, so don’t let my curiosity get the best of me. Be extra careful with kids around – these foods might purposely be thrown on the floor. ”

dog grapes

18. Garlic

“Garlic is good for fending off vampires, but it’s not good for my tummy! While small amounts aren’t bad, large portions can cause anemia. Let’s just stick to dog treats, okay?!”

dog garlic

19. Coffee

“Latte art is cool! But do you know what’s cooler? Not letting me have coffee or caffeine. Within a couple of hours of ingesting coffee, you’ll notice some symptoms kicking in. Believe me, they are not fun!”

dog coffee

20. Cookies

“It may be safe for you to eat my dog treats, but it’s not a good idea for me to eat your cookies! Between the sugar and chocolate, both of these ingredients are not safe for me to consume. Don’t let my begging convince you otherwise!”

dog cookies

21. Cherries

She’s my cherry pie. Cool drink of water, what a sweet surprise! Ah yes, I love this song! However, don’t let me get a hold of cherries in real life. Cyanide poisoning is not something to mess around with!”

dog cherries

22. Avocado

“It’s an avocado…thanks, but no thanks! I might choke on the avocado pit and it’s full of persin (a fungicidal toxin). You can keep eating your avocado toast, though!”

dog avocado

23. Apricots

“Cyanide strikes again! While the actual apricot is a delicious treat, the seeds, leaves, pits and stems are toxic for me to eat. I’m telling ya, fruit can be dangerous at times if you’re not careful!”

dog apricots

24. Apple Seeds & Cores

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Apples are full of vitamin A and C, which is good for me. Before just tossing me an apple, be sure to remove the seeds and core, as these are poisonous.”

dog apple seeds

25. Alcohol

“Alcohol might seem appealing, but it can be super harmful to me! Whether it’s beer, wine or liquor, avoid giving me alcohol (whether it’s on purpose or by accident). If you want me to partake in your yappy hour, serve me up some water in a fancy bowl instead.”

dog alcohol