23 Funny Dogs Will Make You Laugh Today

I don’t know about you, but my Mom is always laughing at me, even when I’m just being myself! From my funny escapades outside to some of my crazy expressions, us dogs can really come up with some funny scenes. Here are some of my canine friends engaging in some general silliness to brighten your day.

1. “It’s nice to meet you Rocco! I didn’t know you were from Indianapolis and have three brothers. Tell me more!”

tall dog looking

2. “It is the absolute WORST when water is stuck in your ear after swimming!”

dog shaking water off

3. “Oh, make it stop! The leaves are attacking! Oh, the horror!”

dog and leaves

4. “It is a scientific fact that more bones and treats make your teeth extra white and shiny!”

dog white teeth

5. “Finally, time for a little ‘me’ time. Time to binge a little Animal Planet.”

dog with popcorn

6. “I just KNEW you would come! Here, let me show you around!”

dog hug

7. “Mission accomplished. And just like we discussed, we blame this on the fish.”

dogs high five

8. “You guys just relax back there. I am totally in control of the situation.”

dog driving

9. “Ahh, food? Around here? Left on the table? I haven’t seen anything…why do you ask?”

dog on tree

10. “How did I ever let you talk me into these dance classes? I don’t care if you did have a Groupon for half-off!”

dogs dancing

11.”Pedal faster, Elliott! We aren’t going to make it to my spaceship in time!”

dog ET

12. “Is this my color? You know fall is my favorite season.”

dog candy corn pedicure

13. “Don’t you just hate it when you run so fast that your extra skin covers your eyes? No? You don’t have that problem? Huh.”

dog running

14. “Being quiet and stealthy is the key to effective camouflage.”

dog behind tree

15. “Do you even know what you are doing with that thing? Are you a professional? My hair needs fluffing.”

poodle dog show

16. “How many friends do I need to make a soccer team? I’ll wait for them to come to visit.”

dog laying on ball

17. “This isn’t quite what I expected when you asked if I wanted to re-create that movie scene.”

dogs at dinner

18. “Why do you get a snorkel? Can I have one too?”

dog swimming

19. “Yes, human, tell me again that I am a good boy…”

dog being petted

20. “Did you forget my carrots? I swore I put it on the grocery list this week!”

dog in fridge

21. “You do what in here?! Humans. Are. Disgusting.”

dog at toilet

22. “Not cool, Linda. You have to warn me when you are going to take a picture. You caught me mid-yawn.”

dog yawning

23. “Life is good, man. Just enjoying some rays, listening to some tunes…”

fluffy dog