23 Adorable Puppy Head Tilts To Brighten Your Day

Sometimes I wish I could be a puppy again. I miss using the puppy head tilt. Humans think it is so adorable. They take lots of photos. The puppy head tilt is what puppies do when they are trying to think about something serious. Or when they have to make an important decision—or listening for a reason to bark. Check out these 23 adorable pictures of puppies with puppy head tilts. I’ll clue you in on what they are thinking.

puppy head tilt

1. This red and white puppy is listening intently. To what? We will never know.


yellow laborador tilt

2. This young labrador retriever sees something he wants on the other side of the fence. Should he try to climb over the top or dig his way under the bottom?


newborn pug tilt

3. “If my paws were dirty, she wouldn’t be taking these pictures. I would be in big trouble for jumping onto this chair.”


cute dog head tilt

4. This puppy looks so worried, as if she is responsible for the world. Cute, adorable, but also worried. She’s just deciding where to sniff next so she can find a spot to poop.


french bulldog tilt

5. This french bulldog puppy has a great head tilt angle. That neck is flexible! She’s deciding if she wants to stay still or dash off and run down the beach.


small puppy tilt

6. This puppy ran around all morning. Now he wants a nap. Or a snack. He can’t decide.


frenchie head tilt

7. “Really? A sweater? I have a fur coat. Save the sweater for a snowy day.”


welsh corgi head tilt

8. “What are these crunchy brown things? Should I attack?”


tall dog tilt

9. “Walk? Now? NOW?!”


german shepard tilt

10. “Where did I bury that bone?”


cute head tilt

11. “Why are you talking so loud? My ears are fine. I can hear you fine.”


pug dandilions

12. This puppy is curious about the dandelion seeds. He wonders if he should blow on them or eat them.


black and white dog

13. Now, this dog could use a sweater. He’s done his business and wants to go inside RIGHT AWAY.


puppy outside

14. I wouldn’t play cards against this puppy. She has quite a ‘poker face.’


boston terrier tilt

15. “Please take down the gate at the top of the stairs. I know there are lots of fun things to chew on up there.”


white lab ball

16. This labrador retriever is trying to wait patiently for his human to throw the ball. Patience is hard for a puppy. He’s a retriever, not a model.


puppy outside head tilt

17. “Stick? Ball? We’re outside. Let’s Play!”


twin puppies

18. “We look nothing alike.”


cute lab head tilt

19. This pup is wondering if the photo shoot is over. He wants to run and frolic.

fluffy dog

20. “I am a ferocious lion.”


dog in grass

21. This diva is wondering when someone will bring her water and a treat.

rottweiler puppy tilt

22. “Does my human family love me as much as I love them?” Of course, puppy, of course.

dog peeking tlt

23 “Why are we leaving the park? I was having so much fun.”