21 Of The Cutest Christmas Puppies [PICTURES]

To bring a little holiday cheer, and a whole lot of fur and fluff your way I have put together some heartwarming photos that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Enjoy browsing this collection of my best puppy friends being cute, cuddly, and just a bit mischievous through this holiday season.

1. So it’s true that good things come in small packages!Christmas Puppy in Bag

2. How many more sleeps until Santa comes?Christmas Puppy Sleeping

3. I swear, this ornament just jumped off the tree and rolled to me!Christmas Puppy Chewing On Ball

4. I’m definitely on Santa’s Nice ListChristmas Puppy Posing

5. There is mistletoe around, you just can’t see itChristmas Puppies on Suitcase

6. Keeping warm with my best friend!Christmas Puppies Scarf

7. On Donner! On Blitzen!Bulldog Christmas Puppy

8. Make sure my stocking is hung with care!Christmas Puppy in Sweater

9. Can I give my friend a Christmas kiss?Husky Puppy Christmas With Girl

10. Send me to the North Pole! I’m ready to help!Black Lab Puppies Christmas

11. The holidays bring even unlikely friends togetherPuppy Kitten Christmas

12. I may be small, but I’m still training!Christmas Puppy Sleigh

13. “As dreams of sugarplums danced in their heads…”Puppy Kitten Christmas Nap

14. Ok, one photo then it’s time to go outside to playHusky Pine Cone Christmas

15. Did he take the picture? Can we play now?Puppy Kitten Couch Christmas

16. I was so good all year, I promise, SantaDog Christmas Hat Over Eye

17. All dressed up and EVERYWHERE to go!Chocolate Lab Christmas Puppy

18. I’m cruising into the holidays with my best friendConvertible Car Christmas Tree Puppy Girl

19. It’s just a power nap, I swear!Puppy Kitten Snuggling Christmas

20. If our human family is wearing matching clothes, so can we!Puppy Christmas Sweater

21. Now is it time to open presents?!3 Christmas Puppies