Very Talented Dog Sings ‘Happy Birthday’ With The Family

This whole family wanted to sing Happy Birthday to their daughter Audrey. Their dog Barley decided to join in and he harmonized perfectly.

It’s my birthday. How about a party? I’m not asking for anything huge or elaborate. Maybe just invite over a few friends, a yummy bacon-flavored cake, a gift or two? Is that asking for a lot? I mean, when it’s your special day, you go all out! Loud music, dancing, lots of food, a ton of people. I’ve been a good girl. I think I deserve it.

“Oh, yeah, now this is a great cake! Hey, Missy, you better get over here before we finish it!”

happy dog birthday

“Hey, guys, it’s my birthday. Stop hogging the photo shoot.”

dog and girls birthday


“I did not say it was cool to invite cats to my birthday party!”

golden retriever and cats


“It’s supposed to be a dogs-only birthday party. You guys just look silly.”

friends and dog


“This is all for me? Awesome!”

french bulldog birthday


“I see party hats. Everybody is here. So where’s the birthday cake? You don’t expect me to eat cereal, do you?”

family dog birthday breakfast


“Mom made me wear this. It’s a bit much, right? The scarf is kinda cool, though.”

dog wearing birthday hat


“Woah! Hold on there! That does not look like a Blue Buffalo birthday cake to me.”

dog recoiling cake


“Just a little taste before the candle, singing, etc…”

woman and toy terrier


“Yup. Bubba hired me to check in the guests here. Gotta show me your invitation or no admission.”

birthday dog guard


“No one told me that smashing cake into my snout was a tradition. This’ll take forever to get out of my fur!”

golden retriever frosting


“Dad! You do know you’re just embarrassing yourself, right? Sheesh!”

young man with labrador


“This side is so good!”
“Ah, no, this side is much better!”

two dogs eating cake


“This has got to be the best cake I’ve ever eaten!”

white dog and cake


“Duke, I know you want to help me blow out the candles. Sorry, man, that’s a no can do.”

two french bulldogs


“Okay. Here’s a big smile. Now can we eat cake?”

happy dog birthday


Sniff. “It looks like carrot cake but tastes like kibble. Blech!”

fluffy dog birthday


“No, no. I don’t need any help. I can eat this entire cake all by myself. Thanks for asking, though!”

lovable dog and cake


“Great job planning the party, Mom. You got the cake, blanket and decorations. You just forgot to invite the guests!”

dog celebrating outside


“Is this a cheesecake? Bleh! You couldn’t have thrown in a few bacon bits?”

birthday dog cheesecake