19 Sleeping Puppies Prove Their Toys Are the Best Cuddlers

dog in plaid

Who doesn’t love to cuddle? When your pup is taking his or her 7th nap of the day and you aren’t around for a snuggle sesh, they may just curl up with one of their favorite toys.

Check out these 19 adorable dogs that enjoy cuddling up with their favorite stuffed buddy!

1. This Chi Chi and his bear are the perfect size for spooning.

cute chihuahua




2. Save the drama for your llama — this pittie and her favorite llama pal sure know how to get away from it all.

puppy sleeping with toy




3. Cuddle puddle! What’s better than cuddling with your favorite stuffed animal? Cuddling with your fuzzy kitten friend and some cozy attire, too.

dachshund puppy in hat




4. Even on the hardwood floor, this Shiba Inu can find comfort with her favorite hedgehog.

sleeping shiba inu




5. Polar bear or labrador? It’s hard to tell who’s who in this pile of floofy cuteness.

white fluffy dog




6. Even though this wrinkly fella is falling out of his basket, at least he has his stuffed friend to keep him warm.

cute puppy in basket




7. Who says your cuddle buddies have to be stuffed? This pup is safe and secure while surrounded by his tennis balls.

cute rottweiler




8. This chihuahua knows that his pink bunny needs a bit of extra lovin’ sometimes.

tiny dog




9. Love is in the air with this furry pup and his loving bear. Just look at that sleepy smile!

chihuahua and bear




10. Hopefully this sweet sleeping pup knows not to cuddle with real bees — but he can cuddle up to this one anytime he wants!

sleeping brown puppy




11. This Frenchie and his teddy don’t even need a bed to stay comfy and cuddled with each other!

french bulldog sleeping




12. There’s nothing like being a big spoon for this Golden Retriever pup. And look how happy his bear looks about it!

golden retriever toy




13. These two are all tucked in and tuckered out.

dog in plaid




14. “You my bear. And you get the cuddles.”

terrier and toy




15. With a blanket, a pillow, and a cuddle buddy, this Pomeranian is sure to have some sweet dreams.

pomeranian sleeping




16. It may be double trouble during the day, but these two pups know how to share when it comes to nap time.

dogs snuggling outside




17. Who needs all those pillows and blankets? This dog and his gator deserve all the cuddles.

dog and gator




18. These small puppies like cuddling their toys that look just like them.

small puppies




19. Blankets are warm, but Eeyore’s fuzzy ears are even warmer.

dog and eeyore

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