19 of the Cutest Dog Bleps to Make You Smile

Maybe I’m feeling feisty, maybe I’m teasing you, or maybe I just fell asleep with my tongue out – which happens from time to time! Whatever the case, us dogs get caught sticking our tongues out pretty often, and there’s plenty of photographic evidence to prove it! To help put a smile on your face today, let’s take a look at some of the best bleps my canine friends can make for their human family.

1. “If you want a good shot of my tongue, I’ll give you one! How about this pose?”

cute dog tongue

2. “Leaves in my hair, and I don’t care…try to make me look prettier than this!”

dog in leaves

3. “I bet you want to chase me, don’t you? I know I have pretty short legs, but just try to come and get me.”

dog running snow

4. “Can this be my new profile picture? Please? Santa said I was good this year.”

dog with ornaments

5. “Oh, sleeping? No way. Not me. I call this ‘just resting my eyes’….”

dog winking

6. “Everyone loves a good BBQ, especially me. Pass the corn on the cob, please!”

pug tongue out

7. “Hey! Hey human, look! If I squeeze my cheeks together, it makes a funny noise, and my tongue pops out!”

dog cheeks puffed

8. “Zzzzzz….please do not disturb. Come back later for service. Much needed recharging underway.”

Cute dog sleeping

9. “Sometimes there’s just nothing like the hard, concrete floor at the top of the stairs to relax and unwind.”

husky sleeping

10. “No human! You’re stealing my BLEP moment! You’re kinda cute, though, so I’ll let it slide this time.”

dog and baby

11. “I dare you to try to move a relaxed and sleeping puppy. Actually, make it a double-DOG dare!”

dog napping sleeping

12. “You give me kisses, and I give you air-kisses. This is a deal we can agree on, yes?”

woman kissing dog

13. “Woah, hey there….what do you plan on doing with that shiny silver thing?”

dog with doctor

14. “Why do I have my harness on? I want to go! I want to play! You’re mean and stifling my fun.”

brown dog tongue

15. “Ahh, Linda? I thought we talked about deleting these types of photos. You delete your awkward moments; I don’t know why we have a double standard here…”

dorky dog water

16. “Learning the blep from a young age is key to a lifetime of successful blep photos. This pup is wise in the ways of blep”

puppy cuddling tongue

17. “Winner winner, chicken dinner! Who’s cake is that? Oh right, it is all for me. Not sharing, guys.”

bulldog birthday tongue

18. “Did you take the photo? Are we done here? Did you get a good one? I feel awkward posing…”

golden retriever dog

19. “And to you, sir, I wish a good day, and I blep in your general direction! Take that!”

small dog tongue