Genius Puppy Gets Potty Trained To Use The Toilet Like Her Human Does

PingPong, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that lives with her human in an apartment building. With how often puppies need to go potty, her human designed a special way for her to use the toilet.

I think I’m pretty good at being a dog. I do all of the dog-related activities pretty well and proud of the canine I’ve become. Sometimes you guys catch us in situations that seem very un-dog-like. That’s okay. I have a pretty good sense of humor, which is why I think you’ll enjoy these photos.

1. “Check out this harmony…’Sweet Adeline….My Adeline…’ We are so good at acapella.”

two laughing dogs


2. “Are you sure you want to make that move, Joe? Once you take your hand away, there’s no going back.”

elderly man and dog chess


3. “Oh, man, I am so embarrassed. I can’t believe she heard that.”

dog blushing embarrassed


4. “Oh yeah! I think I’m ready for the American Gold Cup. I mean it doesn’t say dogs can’t compete.”

three dogs performing


5. “Uh, Mom? I think it’s time for a trim. Maybe a little conditioner and a comb out?”

small shaggy dog


6. “I know this looks cute and all? But do we have to dress up like characters every time we read a story? I feel kinda silly.”

baby red riding hood dog grandma


7. “Okay, Max. I know you love me. But your kisses are always so wet. Blech!”

puppy kissing kitten


8. “Margaret, why do I always get stuck with the ironing?”
“Fine, here’s a broom. Sweep away!”

dog ironing chores


9. “C’mon, people. All aboard. I don’t have all day!”

grumpy dog driver


10. “When I need to get back in a hurry, I can literally leave the ground. Superman has nothing on me.”

dog running with stick


11. “Hey, you guys think I can’t see you, but check it out. I cut out this secret peephole all by myself. You can’t keep anything from me.”

curious dog fence


12.  “Oh, go on about how cute I am…no, seriously, go on!”

pug and woman


13. “Check it out. Nerves of steel. Thanks to my steely focus and concentration, I can keep this ball up there all day.”

dog with ball on head


14. “You guys need to go a little easier on the jogging. I am literally done for the day.”

puppy sleeping on couch


15. “Hi there. Yeah, I’m talking to you, pretty lady. Where have you been all my life?”

cute puppy


16. “Hi, Ms. Butterfly. Will you be my forever friend?

dog with butterfly


17. “Ahhhh…that sun feels so good on my fur. I can almost taste it.”

puppy playing