17 Puppies That Love Sleeping in Your Comfy Laps

I started writing hours ago, but do you know how hard it is to stay awake while you write about sleeping? Being a puppy is hard work. There is so much to explore and sniff. We’re still trying to figure out the most adorable face to use that will get us snacks and extra puppy chow. So sometimes, we just have to fall asleep. It just happens. Whether it’s your lap or any other part of you, all we need is a place to feel safe — though a tummy-full of snacks doesn’t hurt.

puppy sleeping in lap

It’s not my fault that your work is so boring it puts me to sleep.

baby french bulldog

Someday I want my human to make me a denim pillow in this exact shape.

small puppy resting

Good snuggles are the next best thing to being in mommy’s tummy.

puppy in lap

Wake me up when you are ready to drop sandwich stuff or need your fingers licked.

dog lap snuggle

Tell me again about the day I got ‘dopted.

puppy sleeping in lap

She said, “You can sleep here if you fit,” and that’s the last thing I remember.

little puppy on knees

Every time she sings, “You Are My Sunshine,” I fall asleep. Every. Time.


small labrador puppy

I do not understand what yoga is, but I think it means making the perfect lap bed.


tiny dog sleeping

I used to get embarrassed when she dressed so we match, but now — I don’t know — I find it kind of soothing.

close up dog

I don’t like it when people call me a Wookie, except that it rhymes with cookie, and I like those. Also, my name is Bruce.

spaniel sleeping

I’ll probably wake up with a kink in my neck, but I fit so well right here.

dog resting

And then I said, “Mostly I just want a safe place to rest my head, and he said I could rest my whole body.” Then we just laughed and laughed.

french bulldog sleeping

Sometimes I dream that I’m on a mountain sleeping and there’s an earthquake, the mountainside splits in two and I fall down. When I wake up, my human is putting me in my bed. Whew.

golden retriever puppy

Tummy rubs. Tummy rubs. Tummy rubs….why are you stopping? Tummy rubs. Tummy rubs. Tummy rubs.

puppy sleeping lap

Sunday mornings are the best. I really love it when we get quiet reading time.

puppy sleeping

I keep trying to climb over his leg, but it wears me out and I end up falling asleep. Again.

cute dog sleeping

My name is Maisie and I like chasing balls, barking at imaginary birds, and getting head pets while I fall asleep.