Little Girl Plays Hide And Seek With Her Gentle Giant

Sebastian is a mellow Newfoundland dog that loves to play with his favorite human little girl. Today, she challenges him to a game of hide and seek, with a treat if he can find her.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think dogs under 20 pounds even count as dogs. If you ask me, they’re a lot like cats that are terrible at jumping. But that’s just because I’m a big dog — and I rule the household. I don’t have time for tiny, tipping critters, I’m too busy basking in my own elegance. And, if you want, you can bask in it, too!

As large dogs, we’re built for work. We’re herding dogs, hunting dogs, and driving dogs. We work with livestock. We protect your home. And all we ask for at the end of the day are a few gentle pets and a full bowl of food.

Let me introduce you to a few of my friends. Don’t worry about their size — for you, they’re all bark and no bite!


1. Isn’t it great? You get to spend all day brushing me. I know I enjoy it. I’m a Black Russian Terrier, known for my agility, power, and gorgeous, fluffy coat. But I’m not just a prima-donna; you’ll find that I’m quite athletic, too!

woman combing black dog


2. Who doesn’t want a dog that you can ride? If you want someone to help keep your children warm during even the hardiest of winters, you want a Tibetan Mastiff. We’re large, fluffy, and endlessly devoted; just give us a few treats, and we’re yours for life.

big dog small child


3. Even when you grow larger, I’ll still be able to protect you. As a Bernese Mountain Dog, I’m built for driving and herding work throughout the mountains. And I’ll be able to herd the little ones, too, to keep them safe whether you’re in the mountains or just at home.

little girl with dog


4. Afraid of bears? Who, me? I’m a Cane Corso and I rule this land. My brothers and sisters work as police and guards, renowned for their skills at personal protection. If you want someone you can rely on, you call me. Well, I don’t have a phone.

cane corso dog forest


5. Why are you stopping? We’ve got miles and miles and miles and miles to go! I’m a purebred, black Newfoundland Dog, a large working dog breed that’s dedicated to getting things done right. Get ready to go!

black dog hug


6. What do you mean “not a lap dog”? I might be a Bull Mastiff, but I’ve been cuddling laps since I was a baby, and I’m not about to stop now. In the past, my ancestors guarded estates. Today, I’ll guard yours as though it was a mansion. Well, after dinner.

man scratching dog belly


7.It’s not just me that’s bigger, but also my heart. As a Neapolitan Mastiff, I’m often all bark and no bite. While I can act tough, I’m an excellent companion, regardless of age and lifestyle! Get me if you want a friend for life, as well as someone to scare away anyone who is trying to break in!

purebred dog girl


8. I’m more than happy to just spend the day watching the lake with you; I can be patient. As an English Mastiff, I’m one of the most ancient dog breeds, with ancestors dating back 5,000 years. We’ve been around for a long, long time.

boy with big dog


9. Unlike a Chihuahua, I can protect your flock. I’m a Great Pyrenees, a renowned herding dog. Not only will I protect your sheep, but I’m as soft and cuddly as one, too. Just watch out — we’re known to roam miles and miles away, and sometimes we have our own errands to deal with.

pyrenese hound sheep


10. Everything the sun touches is mine. As a Leonberger, I’m practically royalty. Not only will I protect the countryside, but I make an excellent indoor companion. I was bred to look like a lion — and that’s why I have pride. If you’ve ever wanted a dog with peerage, you want one of us.

big dog field


11. Pick me up! Pick me up! You could do it when I was a puppy, why not now? It can’t be because I’m a Great Dane, which can weigh up to 200 pounds. I’m pretty sure you’re just not trying hard enough. Great Dane puppies can already weigh almost as much as a person; we grow fast. But there’s nothing more sillier than a puppy the size of a horse.

woman hugging dog


12. I could eat you. Your fate is in my paws. Aw, just kidding. I love you, tiny rat. I’m a Saint Bernard, and my entire job is protecting people. In Italy and Switzerland, we perform rescue work. Here, I’m just your pal! As a Saint Bernard, I’m actually a gentle giant. While I am look frightening, I’m more likely to cuddle you to death.

big saint bernard


13. What do you mean, “Make some room”? I’m a Scottish Deerhound, and when I’m not working, I’m resting. I can expend all my energy very quickly all at once — but it’s better for me to conserve it until I have to work! And that means that the couch is my favorite play space, regardless of the time of day.

scottish deerhound


14. Security fence my butt, this fence protects the world from me. I’m a French Mastiff, and like my other Mastiff companions, I’m both an excellent guard and companion dog. If anyone even approaches our home, believe me, you’ll know.

french mastiff peeking


15. You’re a weird looking dog, but just my size! I’m a Giant Schnauzer, what type of dog are you? There are many types of Schnauzer in a variety of sizes, but I’m pretty sure I’m the best. Still, if you want true happiness, you’ll collect them all.

dog and horse


16. Big or small, we love all the same. People often confuse you for a miniature doberman, but I know that you’re a prague ratter — a very tiny, but noble dog! And I’m an Irish Wolfhound, a large sighthound with such acclaimed history that I feature in poetry and legend. Together, we can do anything.

white dog fluffy