15 Shiba Inu Smiles Will Make You Smile

Shiba Inu are the most popular dogs in Japan and are becoming increasingly popular in western countries – which may have something to do with how famous we’re getting online in memes. We’re a muscular breed named after our history as a hunting mountaineering dog in Japan’s mountains. Our name “Shiba” means “brushwood,” due to the color of our fur resembling brush, and “Inu,” which is Japanese for dog.

That’s me below running through a field of wildflowers last spring. The photos in this collection are all captioned by my friends, other Shiba Inus on the internet! Take a look through our slideshow to see more pictures of my friends and me.

dog running flowers

1. ‘I belong among the wildflowers’ are the lyrics to one of my favorite songs by Tom Petty. Here I am, bouncing along.


2. I have my favorite bowtie on for this photo op. I can usually only stay calm for a few photos; then I have to play again.


shiba inu smile

3. Shiba Inus are known for our great smiles.


dog standing glasses

4. Captain Inu of the Royal DogForce reporting for duty.


cute dog smiling

5. Is…is that camera pointed at me? I get a little shy in photos sometimes. 


dog in flowers

6. I was enjoying a sunny afternoon in the shade of my favorite flower bush.


dog in flowers

7. These flowers make my allergies tickle a little bit.


smiling dog leaves

8. Do you like my festive Fall hat? It’s the style of the season.


dog smiling bridge

9. I sneezed just before this photo. I’m not sure why they didn’t delete it. We went hiking right after this. Just look at that cool stone bridge.


shiba inu in grass

10. I look like a fox in this photo of me as a pup, laying in the grass at my parent’s house.


smiling shiba inu

11. I wasn’t the most excited about this photo, but my mom got me to smile for it anyway.


shiba inu smiling

12. I love getting my fur brushed and groomed. It always hits the spot and makes me smile.


shiba inu cute

13. Man, it was bright that day. We were visiting the fountains in the park when my mom snapped this photo.


dog smiling sunglasses

14. These are my new shades to keep me from having to squint in pictures on sunny days.


shiba inu chunky

15. It’s soft and cushy on top of this mossy stump. We stopped here for one final photo after our walk before the sun went down.