Smitten Puppy Can’t Stop Kissing New Foster Kitten

This cute puppy really fell hard for her new kitten foster friend. There is so much love between the two in this adorable video.

Here is a lesson that all the young pups should pay attention to. We have all had a human who is sad, upset, or tired. The best and fastest way to get your human in a good mood when they are sad is to give them a big, juicy, wet kiss. Right on the face! It is a scientific fact that no human has the power to resist a kiss from a puppy.
If you need a quick pick me up for today, take a look at these 15 puppies planting a big wet one on their favorite human.

1. “I have a secret to tell you, but you have to get really close first!”

dog kisss girl

2. “Good job! You got it! Pretty soon you’ll be walking and running with us!

dog kisses baby

3. “Hello there! You give me a kiss, and I give you a blep. This is what we call even-stevens.”

girl kissing dog

4. “He doesn’t have the thickest fur, and his face feels kind of fleshy. But, he is my human, and I guess I’ll keep him.”

boy hug dog

5. “Quick! Smile and pretend like I just told you a really funny joke!”

dog licking baby

6. “Do not pay attention to that cat. I repeat, do not pay attention to the cat. All eyes and attention must be up here and on me, please.”

dog kissing girl

7. “Are you awake? Oh, please wake up. I have an exciting day of adventure and fun planned for today that I just have to tell you about!”

girl hugging dog

8. “I got him up high! Bruce, quick, I’m tagging you in. Get him down low, and he’ll never be able to resist us!”

dogs kissing boy

9. “It tastes like my human. It smells like my human. But why is my human in disguise today?”

Dog kid sunglasses

10. “Your face says no, but you cannot resist the power of a puppy kiss. I have powers you cannot say ‘no’ to!”

dog nose kiss

11. “WET WILLIE coming at ya!! Gets them every time, and they never see it coming!”

puppy kissing baby

12. “We are totally twinning today in our matching white. How do I get my ears to match your hair, though?”

dog girl white

13.”I heard you like your kisses extra wet and extra doggy. Request granted!”

smiling boy dog kiss

14. “I’m going to teach her to do everything I love. We will walk together, and play together, and be the best of friends forever and ever.”

girl smiling dog kiss

15. “What has two floppy ears and a big wet tongue? A puppy with a sneak attack kiss!”

dog kissing smiling girl