15 Cute Dogs Who Have Lost Their Dignity

Dog is man’s best friend, right? At least that’s what I was told! Sometimes, us pups can get a little in over our head, but all we’re trying to do is make our owners proud! Here are some circumstances when my four-legged friends momentarily lost their dignity (they’re pretty resilient!).

1. “I promise I’m trying to potty train, but you forgot to put the seat down for me! I think I’ll stick to the fire hydrants.”
dog on toilet

2. “My mom didn’t want to play tug of war, so I decided to play with myself. I ended up with a sore tail and this embarrassing photo. Life is so ruff.” german sheperd tail

3. “Okay, okay, how does my smile look now? Tell me I don’t look like Bruce the Bulldog!” smiling dog

4. “I hope I don’t get sand in my butt! Ruh-roh, I think it’s too late!”dog head in sand

5. “Am I still on the nice list? I can’t help that they were peanut butter blossoms, you know they’re my favorite!” dog christmas cookies

6. “Shouldn’t you have to wear one of these too? You play with your balls all the time!” dog with cone

7. “I’m just going along with whatever she says so I’m not in the doghouse!” two chihuahuas

8. “Oh my gosh, you’re beautiful! Hold that angle, the light is purrrfect on your face! Oh geez, I’m starting to turn into my cousin Garfield. Lasagna does sound good, though!”dog running splashing

9. “I almost have it! I can’t let my dad down again! Must, catch, treat!”dog falls

10. “Me? Drag in all the mud? Couldn’t have been! Must have been you. Your feet are definitely that small.”
dog muddy paws on carpet

11. “He threw it right to me, I can’t believe I missed! Now I’ll never be able to make it onto the Chicago Dogs baseball team!”
dog misses ball

12. “Now I know how you feel after a night of drinking. Can you get me something with electrolytes?”
dog sits in shame

13. “Someone broke into the house and started going through the garbage can to steal our valuables! Don’t worry, I scared them away. It definitely wasn’t me searching for last night’s dinner. Aren’t you proud of me?!”
dog made a mess

14. “But why can I play in the dirt outside but not inside? I think you keeping making up these rules!”
dog knocked over plant

15. “If you jump over a tree in the forest but don’t stick the landing, does anyone know you made a fool of yourself? Asking for a friend!”
dog trips over log