15 Cute Dogs Wearing Cozy Pajamas

I know you guys think it’s adorable to put clothes on us. Sure, we may look pretty cute in sundresses and Halloween costumes, but, seriously, do you think we need these accoutrements? More importantly, do you think we like wearing them? See, the difference between you and me is we are covered in thick fur that keeps us warm and protected.

I must admit, I do look particularly fetching in blue garments, but honestly, putting clothes on a dog can feel irritating. In addition to being comfortable in our own fur, we like our freedom. Now, putting pajamas on is especially annoying. Who wants to sleep in “additional” clothing? So, when you see that darling nightie, think again before adorning me in it.

1. “Ma, this hoodie is a bit too tight.”

dog in gray sweatshirt


2. Yes? I’m sorry, but I’m in the middle of my studies. What can I do for you?”

dog studying


3. “This pink robe is definitely not me. You know purple is my color!”

dog in pink robe


4. “Mom, I don’t need a robe every time I lick myself. Truly, I’m warm enough.”

dog in hoodie


5. “Girls, this is my new e-girl look for TikTok. What do you think?”

cute puppy pjs


6. “Fine, I’m cool with the PJs. But do you think we can lose the sleep mask? It’s just not working.”

dog wearing outfit


7.  These ‘Diva’ jammies are alright! I can actually snuggle in them. Not bad!”

cute dog sleeping


8.  “Mom, if I’m really good, can I take off this silly plaid thing?”

plaid dog


9. “That game of catch really wore me out. I’ll just sleep here a little while longer.”

sleepy pomeranian


10. “Is there any way I could possibly look any cuter? I don’t think so!”

dog in little bed


11. “Excuse me. Did Santa get me anything? I did ask for that squeaky plush toy.”

dog in plaid


12.  “Hurry and take the picture, so I can remove all of this stuff and get comfy on top of this blanket.”

pomeranian puppy


13. “I just love the weekend. I can lay here all day and be lazy! Anyone see the Sunday paper?”

bichon poodle napping


14.  “Oof! I think I hear Santa! I hope he doesn’t see me!”

french bulldog


15. “Did I hear you say ‘walk?’ I’m all ready!”

yorkshire terrier in orange