Puppy, Kitten And Baby Preciously Cuddle Together

Pebbles the Ragdoll kitten, Nelda the 8-month-old Labrador, and 6-week-old baby Elsarose all snuggle together for this priceless moment.

When it comes to canines we all like to be top dog, but there can be major benefits to sharing the spotlight – especially when you’re sharing it with an adorable fluff ball with a zest for life and zero remorse for its actions. (Yes, I’m talking about kittens.)

Delightful Kitten

Newsflash: the rivalry between puppies and kittens is over. Having a kitten in the house can be downright delightful – almost as delightful as snacking on yesterday’s trash.

Kitten Benefits

It’s time to rethink the relationship between puppies and kittens and start capitalizing on the benefits.

Cuddle Time

Here are just a few of the reasons you might want to share your human, and your household, with a kitten.

1. You have a built-in snuggle buddy.

Puppies and Kittens Relaxing

We dogs love a good nap, but kittens put our relaxation game to shame.

Puppies and Kittens Snuggle Time

With a kitten in the house, you’ll have a snuggle buddy who values naptime even more than you do.

2. You’ll never lack a playmate.


When they’re not napping, kittens have boundless energy.

Puppies and Kittens Playing

Whether you’re playing “knock things off the counter so the dog can eat them” or chasing each other around the backyard, you’re in for some serious play.

3. You’re never alone.

Spending Time Together

Does your human work? Well, kittens don’t.

Kitten Company

With a kitten in the house you always have company, even during those pesky 9-5 hours.

4. Your grooming game will improve.

Grooming with My Kitten

Kittens know how to keep clean, and they’ll keep you clean, too.

Kitten Kisses

It might even mean fewer dreaded baths from the humans!

5. You have someone to blame when you get into trouble.

Shared Blame

Is it the nicest thing to do? No. But kittens make great scapegoats.

Puppy or Kitten?

Who knocked the vase off the coffee table? Probably the kitten…

6. You have an ally against the things that scare you.

Kitten Ally

Sure, the scary things aren’t going to disappear, but with a kitten around you never again have to face the vacuum alone. Or the thunder. Or the fireworks.

Best Buds

And you can always send the kitten out first to check if something is safe.

7. You’re not the only one who looks silly when your human dresses you up.

Silly Puppies and Kittens

Hey, I don’t get it with the costumes, either. But if you don’t like them, I have some good news for you.

Pet Costumes

With a kitten in the house, you can always console yourself that at least you wear the costumes and clothes better than the kitten.

8. Their food tastes way better than ours.

Cat Food

It doesn’t matter how expensive or “all-natural” your dog food is; the kitten’s will always taste better.

Puppies and Kittens Differences

Let’s just hope the human leaves it in a spot you can reach…

You’ll learn to celebrate your differences.

Puppy and Kitten Love

Puppies and kittens are different, sure. But those differences don’t amount to much when you both love the same human.

Table Scraps

And table scraps. We love those, too.

9. Life will be full of surprises.


You never know what a kitten is going to do. One moment they might be napping in the sun and the next they might be high on catnip surprise-tackling you from behind.

Kitten and Puppy Friends

Things are never boring with a kitten around.

10. You’ll still always be your human’s favorite.

Favorite Pet

Yeah, kittens are pretty cute, but no matter how adorable they are, rest easy.

Puppies and Kittens Snuggling

You can still know deep down inside that you’ll always be the favorite.

Happy Puppies and Kittens

As you can see, there are major benefits to having a kitten in the house. I’d keep listing them, but I think I hear the litter box calling my name…