Puppy Sits In Baby Swing And Plays With Baby’s Toys

Not only does this puppy decide to lie down in the baby swing, it plays with the toys just like a baby would.

Have you ever looked over at your slumbering dog and thought, how is that position comfortable?! Apparently, the feeling of “comfort” is subjective, especially for our favorite furry friends.

Sometimes Fido can take us by surprise with the different ways that he is able to fall asleep, and these 10 dogs are no different. Although still cute and cuddly (of course), we are wondering how all of these dogs were able to fall asleep — and stay asleep — in some quite interesting positions.

1. In the circle of trust, these puppies know that they can stay safe with no end and no beginning.

dogs sleeping in circle


2. We aren’t quite sure if this dog is ready to run on his side or try out some new yoga position.

sheperd dog mix sleeping


3. It must be so hot out that these pups are starting to melt off the bed and into the grass.

dogs on bench


4. This guard dog fell asleep on the job, but at least she’s still trying to look menacing even in her sleep.

fluffy golden retriever sleeping


5. “If no one is here to cuddle me, I suppose I shall simply cuddle myself.”

white dog curled sleeping


6. It all started with his new trick of playing dead, and ended in a sunny nap.

sleeping pug in sun


7. Apparently going for a walk really tuckered this dog out — at least he’s trying his best to stay near the fence and out of the way…

dog on fence and ground


8. It’s not a sleeping pose, it’s just an artistic expression of standing up, but upside down. Maybe?

Basenji dog sleeping


9. You’ve gotten be kitten me! This cat is taking up my bed! How am I ever gonna find a way to…zzzzz…..”

kitty and puppy sleeping


10. This greyhound dreams of racing so much that he can’t even stay still — or bend his legs — even in his sleep.

big dog asleep