These are the 10 Best Dog Breeds for Emotional Support

An emotional support animal requires no special training. They just have to be there, be cuddled and be your friend. They do have to be well mannered, however. Lots of dogs are good for that simplest of tasks, but these ten have been found to be the very best at it. They all have their different requirements, so take the time to figure out which one would be the best fit for you.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Here’s a breed named for a British monarch whose hair do look very much like these dog’s fluffy ears. Charles II was known as something of a party animal, but the dog breed named after him, while gregarious and cheerful, is actually fairly sedate and rarely ever barks. They like to play but are not prone to being hyperactive. Bred to be a lap dog, the CKC is perfect for people who struggle with anxiety. As toy dogs go, the CKC is rather large but are still small enough to fit in a lap and can adapt to apartment life They’re relatively low maintenance, though they do need a good brushing every now and then. They also like frequent walks and lots of play time.

spaniel dog

Labrador Retriever

“Get me a Labrador and I’ll retrieve it!” goes a joke from an old Looney Tunes short. The Lab is easily trained for a variety of tasks and originally bred as a hunter but is sweet and friendly enough to just cuddle up with. This intelligent breed is best suited for active senior citizens and the visually impaired, though they also get along well with children. Their temperament is generally calm and easy going. The Lab is a good pet for those who wish to stay active. They like long walks and of course a good game of fetch. Though classified as a working dog, labs love to play as well and would do well in a family with a house and a big back yard.

little dog and woman

Golden Retriever

The goldie has much in common with the lab. Both are intelligent dogs bred for hunting and known for being very loving and loyal to their human friends. The goldie is an active dog who will want to play outside a lot. They like a big yard or at least frequent trips to the dog park. Though rather big dogs, they do work well with children. Their big size and affable nature can both cheer a person up and make them feel safe and secure. They like long walks, games of fetch and some even like to go for a swim once in a while. For good reason, the Golden Retriever is the most popular dog breed in North America. They’re just very good at getting along with everyone.

little dog and girl


If you don’t have much property for a dog to run around on, perhaps a tiny Chihuahua is more your speed. These feather light cuties are easy to pick up and cuddle. They are alert dogs that will let you know when anything is out of the ordinary. Be aware that they are quite brave for such little dogs and may have to be kept from biting off more than they can chew. They also bond tightly with their favorite people, catching onto their emotions very easily. Keep in mind that they are not suited for very young children. School aged children should be able to cope. Long haired varieties need regular brushing while short haired ones just need the odd pest check.

twin sisters and dog

Yorkshire Terrier

If you don’t mind a little extra grooming, a Yorkie is much like the Chihuahua. Of course, some people may find the act of grooming a dog relaxing. You could trim the face fur to help a little Yorkie see better, but some people like tying it back with cute little ribbons. Their intelligence and empathy makes the easily trained Yorkie a good emotional support animal.The Yorkie is an affectionate and loyal creature sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Like the Chihuahua, the Yorkie doesn’t realize how small he is and may have to occasionally be pulled out of mischief. They have a lot of energy, but they don’t need much space to burn it off.

yorkshire terrier and woman

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Here’s a pet fit for a queen! As legends say the Corgi was used as a battle steed by fairies, they’re fit for fairy queens as well! Actually, they were brought to England by the Flemish in the wake of Viking invasions. You wouldn’t guess it from their short legs, but they’re actually for herding cows. They are very playful and easily trained. They are cute, friendly and eager to please. However, they are just too friendly to make good watch dogs. Do be warned that they are chummy to the point that they may suffer anxiety if left alone for too long. They shed a bit, so keep a comb handy. The grooming is not difficult, only frequent.

welsh corgi fluffy


Would you believe the princessy poodle was bred for duck hunting? The double coat sheds water easily and the breed is intelligent enough to learn several tasks. The miniature and toy varieties are good choices for people low on space. They are friendly, playful and intelligent dogs who can get along with the whole family. Because they don’t shed, the poodle is good for people who are usually allergic to dog hair. That thick coat may require and expert to groom properly. Some people like to clip the poodle’s wooly coat and tie ribbons in it. Don’t be surprised if your poodle jumps into a mud puddle right after a grooming!

girl and brown poodle


The Pom is a cute and fluffy little ball of fur. They are intelligent, friendly and lively dogs who just love it when people pay attention to them. And who wouldn’t pay attention to something so darn cute! They’re fun and fluffy and ready to go anywhere! They are sweet and loving dogs. While they’re small and don’t need much room they do need regular exercise to keep from getting too chubby. Take your pom for a walk every day. As much as the sassy Pom loves the company of others, she is confident enough to enjoy her own company for a while. She may, however, bark and howl quite a bit if upset over something.

man and white dog


The Rough Collie is a breed made famous by the celebrated Lassie of film and television. The Border Collie is a breed made famous by the film Babe. The Bearded Collie is easily mistaken for the Old English Sheepdog. All dogs of the collie type are herding dogs bred in Scotland. They are intelligent dogs who will protect and care for their charges. They may not be able to tell you if Timmy fell down the well, but they may be able to make sure Timmy doesn’t fall in the well to start with. They are friendly dogs who love everyone and love the outdoors. As they shed a lot, a comfortable outdoor dog house may be the best place for them.

woman and fluffy dog


The Beagle personality is much like that of Snoopy, the world’s most famous beagle. They are friendly and fun loving, not to mention food loving! They’re too friendly to be much of a guard dog but they can be your best friend. Much like Snoopy, they are not unintelligent, but they are stubborn and want to do things their way. Beagles have a strong sense of curiosity and can be easily distracted by unusual smells. Beagles can let their curiosity get the better of them, so be sure to keep an eye on them! They do not like being alone and will emit a long, loud howl if left to their own devices for too long. Beagles are the smallest of the hound variety but are very sturdy for their size.

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