Watch 2 Adorable Golden Retriever Puppies Grow Up On Camera

Being a golden retriever is so much fun! We go for long walks where I get to explore the world, we tumble and play all day long, and, of course, we feast! And when I say we, I, of course, mean my brother and me. We’re inseparable, meaning that we do everything together!

Including meal time.

Our owner thought it would be a fun idea to see how quickly we grow by recording us clamoring over each other on our way to our food bowls. The first time, we were only 11 weeks old, just in time to start eating solid food. I can’t believe I was ever so tiny!

Slowly but surely, we continue to grow up before our owner’s eyes. We even start to get a little better at avoiding slipping and falling as we race each other to eat.

At 18 weeks, we’ve lost our puppy teeth, so we don’t chew everything as much as we used to. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good chew toy, but now that my pup teeth are gone, I don’t have as much of an urge anymore. Instead, I love to play!

I’m so glad that my human brought my brother and me home. We’re always wrestling and getting into fun shenanigans. I’m certainly the more rambunctious of the two, but he also gets a little feisty from time to time. He’s an obedient boy, while I’m more of a free spirit.

Now that we’re over half a year old, we’re getting pretty big! It’s hard to believe that we’ll be fully grown after about a year and reach full maturity after two years. I heard that humans have to wait until they’re 18? I’m not even sure I’ll be around that long!

Although my food racing form has improved over the past several weeks, I’m not ashamed to admit that my hunger got the better of me at week 29. In my defense, our human does keep the floors pretty slick, and I was extra hungry that night. My tummy was rumbling something fierce! I begged and begged for another bowl of food, but my human only gave me a few treats.

By the time we’ve reached 46 weeks, we’re practically adults! I feel like I’ve changed so much in the last 10 months that I may not recognize my younger, cuter self. Although to be fair, I’m still ruggedly handsome, even as I transition from a puppy to a dog.

If you want a comparison, you don’t have to scrub back to the beginning of the video. Next, you can see what I looked like at 11 weeks, investigating the empty food bowl. If it ain’t full, I ain’t coming.