Puppy Adorably Naps Alongside Foal

There’s something about the sight of a dog and a foal playing together that just makes you smile. Maybe it’s the innocence of it all, or the natural way they seem to connect. Whatever it is, these videos of dogs and foals together are sure to make your day. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the best clips of dogs and foals being friends!

1. Puppy Adorably Naps Alongside Foal

This video was shot an hour after the foal was born. Like puppies and new humans do for the first few weeks, foals sleep a lot and deeply. She knew her little fluffy pal would want to snuggle up with her, so she didn’t mind! “Sugar” (the little foal’s mother) is standing right next to her sleeping baby and doesn’t mind that they’re cuddling.

2. Newborn Foal Meets Doggy For The First Time

This instant rapport existed between Chanel the dog and Cytopia the horse. Chanel is a timid dog when it comes to horses, but she acts like a mother with her.

3. Curious German Shepherd Befriends Playful Foal In The Barn

When this inquisitive ten-month-old German Shepherd meets a one-week-old Quarter Horse foal, it’s love at first sight for both of them. The foal is in heaven with his new best pal, showering him with unexpected kisses and nibbles.

4. Big Dog, Small Horse, Best Friends

Ethan the Rhodesian ridgeback is having fun in the stable with his pal, foal Bluero.

5. Dog Quickly Becomes Best Friends with Newborn Horse Foal

The unlikely duo of dog and horse friends will leave you smiling at their fast friendship, as they exchange pleasantries.

6. Rescue Dog and Orphaned Baby Horse are Best Friends

Even if it’s simply laying around, this dog and horse are great friends and enjoy spending time together.

7. Smallest Horse in the World is Now Thriving with 3 Dog Friends

This horse was once horribly dumped, but it is now living the life of its dreams with its closest companion dogs.

8. Foal Playing With Shar Pei Dog

One week-old DUKE is playing with a 1-year-old Shar pei, CHINO! I have a feeling that these 2 will become the greatest of pals!

9. Foal And Dog In A Wheelbarrow

This newborn foal named Crouchy is too weak to be able to walk back to the barn, so they put him in a wheelbarrow and Rosie the dogs joins him for the ride.

10. Dog Kissing Foal


This dog sees a foal for the first time and instantly wanted to give kisses.

There are many videos of dogs and foals together on the web, but these 10 clips take the cake when it comes to cuteness. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!